Just 6 weeks, until my due date. 6 weeks!!!!

I have been having my fair share of freak out moments in the last couple of weeks. Life is so busy now with the baby safely tucked away inside of me that I can’t imagine how much more difficult it could be once she is out.  And don’t even get me started on having to go through labor and learning to nurse again. Oi! (Apparently, I am not alone in this panic, The Feminist Breeder recently posted hers.) The “nesting urges” have begun and I’ve found myself frantically cleaning strange parts of my house. Like the other day, I NEEDED to vacuum all the cobwebs away underneath my basement steps, and sort through boxes of unused pyrex.  Not exactly the most practical of tasks, but somehow therapeutic all the same.

I also have been doing little baby sewing projects – like the ruffle-butt onsie above, and a pair of blue knit pants made from an old t-shirt. These projects have been good for me, helping me visualize this little person who is so soon to be in my arms. My big sewing plan though, is to make her a baptismal gown.  My mother hand-sewed a more gender neutral one when my son Duncan was born.  I love the one she made and it served my first three children well, but now that I know more about sewing, I would like to try making one.  I had fun putting together an “inspiration board” of ideas on Pinterest, and I think I have a fairly good idea of where I want to go with this project. Maybe I’ll even get it started this week.

Lastly, I had to share this little hat with you. Isn’t it adorable?  My older sister, Beth, knit it after some major hint dropping on my part.  She says “she doesn’t get it,” but she made it just the same. Sisters are great like that, and I think it is the most adorable newborn cap EVER. :) The pattern is posted for free up on Make Baby Stuff.

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    Awww… Cute stuff! What a sweet ruffly bottom onesie! Adorable! And I envy your nesting. I have no desire to clean anything right now (and I NEED to!). Maybe next week, hmm? I also need to do some major freezer stocking, but have no motivation in that department either. You inspire me though, so I will think about small necessary things to accomplish today and hopefully something fruitful will happen!

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    The panic before labor… it’s so real, but you’re gonna rock it all!

    I know what you mean about cleaning weird areas. When I get really panicky (even though I’m not pregnant) I’ll clean things like door jams (or is it jamb?). Anyway, with all this sunshine lately, I can see all the dirt I didn’t clean all winter and I’m starting to worry that cleaning will interfere with my sewing. haha

    Awesome projects for the little babe.

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