“Best Worn Barefoot” Smock Apron – The Tutorial

Two more weeks. The time in pregnancy when nothing fits anymore but there isn’t enough time left to make buying anything new worth it. Fortunately, there is at least one thing left that in the house that still fits me – my smock apron, and it’s a good thing too because this beach ball under my shirt is always getting spilled on.

I hesitate in calling this a “maternity apron,” because it is super cute outside of pregnancy too. Really, though,  it is at its “Best Worn Barefoot.”

It has pockets (of course!) to be filled with used tissues, hair clips, dried cereal pieces, and other artifacts of mothering.  I kept them simple on this one, but there are endless pocket possibilities to play with.

My favorite part of this apron is the ties.  Nice fat ones the same width as the bodice, and I was really excited when I figured out the technique used to attach them. (The tutorial has the details.)

Do you have apron envy now?  Good. Make one of your own!

Download the Tutorial
This apron is all square-cut pieces and straight lines, so there is no pattern to download. A rotary cutter and straight edge make cutting it out a breeze.

Sample Page - Download Below

“Best Worn Barefoot” Smock Apron Tutorial (14 pages – 40 MB)

– or –

“Best Worn Barefoot” Smock Apron Tutorial – low resolution (14 pages – 10 MB)
If you are having downloading and printing, the higher resolution file above, try this one instead.  The compressed pictures may be more difficult to see though.

As of now, I am giving away this tutorial for FREE. In return, would you do a few things for me?

  • Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this project or any others! My email is sewfearless [at] gmail [dot] com or @sewfearless on twitter.
  • Could you send me a picture of your finished project? I would love to see how yours turns out, and I may even post your pictures to my blog.
  • I am asking that this pattern not be used for commercial purposes (do not make items for sale). If you would like to ask me more about this, send me an email.

Materials & Sizing
This pattern is designed for a fabric that is at least 44 inches wide. A wider fabric will yield a fuller skirt which could be really cute. In order to maintain a good gathering ratio between the bodice and the skirt (between 1.5:1 and 2:1), I wouldn’t recommend using a width smaller than 44″ width for the skirt.  I used quilting cotton for this version, but you could also use old sheets, or a shirt-weight apparel fabric.

For 44″ wide fabric, you will need one yard for the skirt and straps,  another yard for the bodice, ties, and pockets, and, of course, thread to match. You will also need a couple of buttons (about 1/2″ in diameter) for attaching the back of  straps, or you can sew them down if you don’t want to fuss with buttons.

I am 5’10” and am wearing size XL in ready-to-wear maternity clothes at this point of my pregnancy. If you are bigger chested, I would recommend widening the bodice.  If you are smaller, it should still fit but cover more in the back.

Have fun!

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    • says

      I wrote it in the middle of the night. I was in a strange sleep-deprived-but-couldn’t-sleep sort of mood.

      I have to add that this apron makes for a great nursing cover/food catcher for breastfeeding while eating dinner. Matthias was always ready to nurse when we sat down to eat and if I didn’t have an apron over him I would drop food all over his head.

  1. says

    Newest follower here! I love your posts, so sweet. Hope everything goes well with the rest of your pregnancy and labor and delivery!!!

  2. debeart says

    This is so cute! I needed this kind of apron/smock with my last baby – who is 31 years old today.

    I think you did a great job.

  3. Valerie says

    I am actually working on the apron now and I got a little confused around step 41-44. I finally figured out (I think) that when you are saying “strap” in these steps, you are talking about the ties and not the shoulder straps? I could be wrong and totally lost because I am pretty much a beginner. Cute apron.

    • says

      You are right, Valerie. I am sorry for the confusion. Yes, you are inserting the “ties” and not the shoulder straps. I will have to fix the wording on those steps. Thank you for the feedback.


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