Pickin’ for (Purse) Gold

My husband has been really into American Pickers lately.  Have you seen that show?  Two guys that dig through people’s crazy barns and buy junk of them for a profit? That’s some quality television let me tell you. </sarcasm>

Whatever the inspiration, Andy struck gold at a garage sale and bought all the purses at it – all SEVENTEEN of them. Then, the children and him gave them all to me for my birthday.

At first glance, this might not seem like that great of a gift. Until you take a closer look. And you see…

 bamboo handles…
(valued at $6 a piece new) 

…leather purse handles…
($8 a pair

rings …
($.50 – $1 a piece, and these are better quality than the big box craft stores sell)

… quality material to work worth…

(I think I’ll be making some more needle books.)

…and oodles of construction techniques to learn from.

And I struck gold with a husband who supports my sewing habit.

What about you? Do you hunt for sewing treasures at garage sales?


  1. Excellent :) I think you two are a great team! I love thrift/estate/rummage finds! I keep an ongoing list of wants so that when I’m somewhere cheap, I remember to look. But you really got the motherload of goodies there, and Andy gets 2 big thumbs up for creativity :)

  2. that makes me rethink throwing out old purses – now i should just give them to andy! :)

  3. American Pickers… = Quality. Love you sweets.

  4. Awesome. Your hubby is brilliant :) Especially if all he is picking is purses, seems to me they are more usable than other things that could be picked. Happy birthday!

  5. judy rice says:

    Jodi I just love this I am really enjoying your blog I hope you enjoyed your birthday!!! Judy Rice

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  1. [...] difficult to find the quality and variety in any of my local shops.  Or, you might have some luck harvesting the pieces off of old purses like I did for my first Mommy Poppins [...]

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