I DO Love French Knots!

I finished my We Love French Knots Sampler

I had a lot of fun learning all the different stitches.

It’s far from perfect, but that is part of its charm right?
Handmade, not machine-made.

(click image to see all sampler squares)

The question now is, what do I do with it?  It doesn’t match the decor (or lack there of) in any of the rooms of my house.  Maybe a pillow? Or a bag?

What would you do with it?


  1. I love it! My house growing up had samplers in a bathroom, so now I always connect the two. That’s where I’d put it!

  2. I think it would make for an adorable pillow!

  3. I think you should frame it and hang it in your sewing space. It’s so pretty!

  4. Oh this is so cute! I don’t know why I can’t make a decent french knot…some days I can do it and some days I can’t weird.

  5. LOL! Then off to the bathroom it goes. I hope you have walls in there. :)

  6. My sewing room has plenty of wall space, just go ahead and send it on. LOL very very nice. I like it a lot.

  7. Selina Marie says:

    I love it! What a great job!!!

  8. You’re braver than I am; I’ve never liked doing French Knots! Your sampler looks wonderful!

  9. So Pretty!
    Treat it like a Sampler..
    Make sure to initial & date it .. then frame it & hang it up!
    It’ll be treasured for generations to come.

  10. That is sooooo adorable. Nicely done!

  11. I love it! You should frame it up and hang it!

  12. Susan M jensen says:

    I just love this. Been years since I did embroidery, and I enjoy it, so relaxing & gratifying. I believe I’ll start again. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Jen Freeman says:

    Hello!! Embroidery BAG!! How could you do anything else with it! I love it btw!!

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