Sunday Rest

I have had a particularly blah sort of week. I’ve felt more exhausted than exhausted. Gladys hasn’t been sleeping well, life with a house full of munchkins is non-stop, my husband’s work is crazy busy, and he has his school work, too. To top it all off,  I think my body might be throwing in some postpartum hormonal craziness just for fun. yay! 

Life keeps happening so fast, I feel like I will never catch up.

Currently, I have on my mind…

sewing Duncan’s quilt top * designing a clutch wallet inspired by CottonPurr * digi-fying the suitcase pattern * making aprons for some recent brides * tailoring my jeans * clothes sewing for my boys and girls * daydreaming up the perfect trench * adding some new useful features to the blog * posting craft fair surplus on Etsy * and then there’s, you know, my real life. ha!

But today, was a true “Sunday”. Gorgeous. Commitment free. Relaxing.

Thank you, family. I needed it.

Here’s to more peace in the coming week!


Update: Duncan’s Quilt project is now finished!


  1. Looks like a lovely family day!

  2. Gladys needs a beard to match Andy’s. Maybe Adrien could do that for her next felt project before Halloween.

  3. You sound like me. So many projects, tho I only have 2 kids, but still they seem to amass the energy of so many more. It’s amazing. You’re amazing.

  4. Beautiful post! As always, it sounds very familiar to my own life! Peace to you this week, lovely Jodi! I’m offering up my insanity for yours…

  5. oh man. I just realized I need to come up with an All Saints Day and Halloween costumes for the kids too. sigh. I knew I was forgetting something.

    And thank you all for your lovely comments. :)

  6. Lindsay Carpenter says:

    Super fast idea—paint some white muslin with blue stripes, wrap it around and you’ve got a couple of cute Mother Theresas!! (We did that 2 years running now :)

  7. I have a question for you. What is the pattern for Duncan’s quilt? Those shapes (especially the crescent ones) looked suspiciously like some I had picked up at an auction…in a box of yarn. I don’t quilt. I crochet. I haven’t the slightest idea what to do with the pieces, except throw them away. Thanks for any info you have. I hate to waste the fabric, but I don’t really have many needs for the pieces. :-(

  8. I really have no idea how you find time to do anything! Just the one baby is keeping me so busy. It’s all relative I suppose. I know I don’t know the meaning of busy yet… It’s an inspiration to me that you get projects and so on done. There is hope!

  9. That family photo is precious! I lOve your husbands beard. Tom’s us red like that when he grows it out.

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