12 Signs You Are Addicted to Sewing

1. You are either sewing, or planning out when you will sew next. 

Photo by Miss Sews-it-all

2. You are seriously considering getting a sewing tattoo, or wish you were seriously considering getting a sewing tattoo.

3. You get grumpy if you haven’t sewn for a few days.

4. You are easily influenced by Big Fabric Store marketing techniques, especially when they include the words “clearance” or “50% off”, even more so if used together. Yes, dear, I did go fabric shopping two days ago. But the clearance bin is marked 50% off today. How could I NOT go?

5. After many years of telling your husband how offensive it would be to receive a household appliance as a gift, you put a new iron high on your Christmas wish list.

6. You have more boxes of fabric scraps than a normal person has boxes of fabric.

Photo by Gina Pina

7. You have a Pinterest board dedicated to sewing room decorating ideas.

8. You dislike beautiful weather, because it means you will take your kids outside to play instead of staying inside and sewing. One of these days, my machine is going to come outside with us.

9. You find fabric scraps or wads of string in your baby’s mouth more often than bits of paper or lint.

10. The ladies at the cutting counter know your name, and the names of all your children.

11. You spent considerable effort collecting a quirky group of sewing addiction enabling folks, even tracking them down on the interwebs if you have to. You find yourself referring to these #friendsthatliveinyourphone in daily conversation.

12. You have a sewing blog and you post to it three times in a week. :P

So, tell me. Are you addicted?


  1. Lipstick Jane says:

    Amen sister!

    I am totally addicted. In fact, I attend two different sewing meetups this week alone.

    Love #2 & #11.

  2. Hah, this list made my morning! I am very clearly an addict.

  3. Would having three sewing machines and two kinds of irons qualify me for your list? How about stashes of fabric you will NEVER use but they are still taking up a whole shelf in your craft room? I have so many buttons that my daughter and I had to sort them by color and put each pile in a separate plastic bin. I bought my daughter a sewing machine just so we could sew together and call it “home economics” when she was in middle school. She still loves to sew and does amazing things and even makes money at it now so I guess in the long run it wasn’t too selfish of me to teach her to sew.

    Loved reading your list and I could so identify with many of the points. :)

  4. ha ha ha I love comment 5!! Never would i think that i would actually want an Iron for Xmas (yes the conversation has come up) :) :)

  5. I resemble this post.

  6. I got an iron for my birthday last year. It was all I wanted. Even though I took many a feminist theory class in college.

  7. That sewing tattoo is serious stuff! ;)

  8. Ha! Great & Super List!
    Here’s an idea for your next list ~ Ways To ID The Family Of A Sewing Addict. The other day DH & I were headed to a store near ‘my’ JoAnns. But instead of heading to that store DH drove right to JoAnns without even thinking about it! I couldn’t quit laughing that he just naturally went there! After 42 years he knows………….

  9. I still don’t have a tatoo…

  10. Hi, my name is Beadgirl and I’m a sewaholic. I have sewing projects on every floor of my house, so I never have to be without a needle.

  11. Haha. Love it!! I’m only 4 out of 12, but could get to a full 12 someday :)

  12. Awesome! Yes, I am a sewing addict!

  13. LOL – this totally cracked me up! So, are you going to get a sewing tatoo?

    • I think I am in the “Wish I was seriously considering” camp. I would have to get approval from the other person whose opinion about my body matters to me. :) I as I am in the childbearing phase (and weight fluctuating) phase of my life, I’m not sure that it would be wise. :) Nothing is grosser than a stretched or saggy tattoo.

  14. I would have ticked all of these boxes except I don’t have kids.I already have a sewing tattoo and am planning my next one as well! I’m a complete addict!!


  15. Oh yes i am a hopeless and very happy addict :)

  16. I’m well and truly addicted. I completely refer to everyone in the blogisphere like they live next door. my boyfriend raises his eyebrows and I have to explain they are a blogger.
    Fabric is also dangerous but I suppose its not a bad addiction to have!

  17. So very addicted. Thankfully, my husband is supportive, but I don’t think he truly understands. My sewing room is our “formal dining room” and I added 3 vintage machines to the collection this year.

    • I like that your formal dining room was put out of its misery. What vintage machines did you add? Are there pix? Tell me more. I’m living vicariously through others while my own sew-called life is on hold. Thanks, Sandy

  18. Just dropping in to say I’ve been thinking of you and this post every time I’ve turned on my (crappy) iron since I first read it 10 days ago! (And I’ve been sewing, so I’ve been ironing A LOT.)

  19. This is so funny! I must be addicted given the fact that I have a Pinterest board, and I seriously CAN NOT STOP buying fabric! Lol!

    PS – Found your blog through Sewaholic! Love it! :)

  20. ha!ha! i have 7 sewing machines and 3 sergers,and cant stop buying fabric,do i qualify????

  21. Is there a 12 Step program for this addiction? :-)

  22. Does having 3 sewing machines and 1 embroirdery machine qualify me as addicted?

  23. I am so totally addicted! I love this!

  24. Love this list! SO TRUE! And this summer I will totally be taking my sewing machine outside. Lucky for me, my neighbor behind me is also a sewing addict. She used to bring her machine out when her boys were young so I know I won’t get any funny looks! :)

  25. i’m addicted and don’t care who knows it!!! well, except for the kid part, because i don’t have kids yet. but i do have a pinterest board for what i’m going to sew once i do have kids!

  26. All I can say is “Amen”! LOL

  27. Jean Hensley says:

    I love it. I am a member of a quilt guild and a bee. There are 10 ladies in our bee and we are more than just sewing/quilting buddies. They are my best friends and they are all just as passionate about quilting as I am. Yes, I do have lots of scraps and I do need more fabric, especially when it’s on sale. Thanks for this list. I love it!

  28. Thanks for the list. I thought I was addicted, but I am not after all. Good to know.

  29. Very funny! I am addicted! I no longer have a baby to pull scraps out of their mouth, but my dog eats any batting that is left on the floor. If a drop a bobbin I have to run for it or he will eat that too. And those berina bobbins are too expensive to keep replacing! I am even thinking of getting “inked” sometime soon. can’t decide if I should wait until I’m 80 – another 30 years? Love that tattoo. Thanks for posting, I read your facebook feed all the time and appreciate your sense of humor. Have a great holiday!

  30. No 5 is definitely something that I told my husband the first 25 years of our marriage.

  31. I have photos of more than 900 quilts on my Pinterest board, and I want to make them all. That’s not counting the photos of the Designs for Quilting board, ha! Yes to all except the tatoo: but how about, how many sewing machines do you own? I have 4, thinking about getting a 5th. (Bernina, Avante 18″ long arm, the fall back workhorse Kenmore 33 years old, an Elna apple-green Supermatic because it’s cute as can be). Need a serger…… need a featherweight….. Or, how many pairs of scissors do you own? Seriously, ladies, gather them up and count them,you are going to be amazed. Betcha it’s at least 15, and that is the bare minimum. And irons, I have 5: the one I use, and presently 4 back up irons. My husband buys the irons for me at garage sales and auctions if they are clean and the cords are in good shape. He’s an antiques dealer so he lives at the auctions and sales: he calls me when he finds: patterns, thread, fabric, sewing machines, quilt racks, quilting gear, cutting mats, embroidery thread, unfinished tops, etc. God love the man.

  32. Linda Towers says:

    I guess this means that I am hopelessly addicted. Fortunately, there is no known cure! Nix on the tattoo. Happily back to the sewing room I go.

  33. I would say I’m addicted. I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m a sewing/fabric horder. I can relate to everyone of these comments.

  34. Karen Nein says:

    I am soooo addicted to sewing. My sewing machine is in my living room where I can keep an eye on it!! My hubby refers to himself as a quilting widower.

  35. #7! I love pictures of spotless sewing rooms. Mine will never make a Pinterest board! I read this cute little story online, you may enjoy (and have empathy with) it! http://popser.com/Cleaning.html

  36. LOVE it! #8 made me spit out my coffee.

  37. Great post! I have actually met several of the friends who live in my phone. My friends who don’t sew think it’s really strange and daring that I go around meeting people on the Internet.

    Point #1 describes the state of my mind at all times.

  38. I have a good one you can add – I’m in aruba for a week -lying on the beach and am so antsy thinking of all the quilting I could be doing with a week off at home!!! How addicted it that!! Plus I brought english paper piecing with me to the beach just to keep the withdrawal down a bit.

  39. Oh – also forgot – it was cyber monday while i’m here and I was shopping like crazy on-line on my laptop at the pool!

  40. I laughed out loud at #5. I was ironing a tablecloth today to get ready for my quilt group holiday party tonight and I was thinking about asking my husband for a steam generator iron!

  41. Sew addicted!!!! :-). Love this!

  42. carla ball says:

    well it looks as though I am a sewing addict..wonder if there is a rehab for sewing addicts? better not be..I love sewing and have been since I was a little girl.

  43. You, ladies, are really the best enablers ever!!!! :)

  44. lol. I am sure addicted. I resemble most of these, including the children ones. I even have a Facebook photo album dedicated to my sewing and quilting.

  45. Shirley G says:

    Ha! I am NOT addicted. I have never started a blog….this leaves me more time to sew.

  46. I though a tattoo of an open pair of sissors on the side of your neck would be the greatest tat. It would show all those other wanna-be’s that you mean business. the only one the would be better is a rotary cutter one, that if you put a hoop earring in your ear it would look like the blade was actually moving!! Think about it girls, are you ready??!!

  47. How true!! And love that pincushion/scissor holder (shown on outdoor side table)!!

  48. OMG, I think I may be addicted. Loved this post!

  49. I have a tattoo, with a spool of thread and a needle in it. It was drawn from one of my mother’s old wooden spools.

  50. Love this post! I Eat, Sleep, Dream,Think Sewing…not much time to blog, though. Busy looking for more machines to buy and organizing sewing projects for 2013. 2012 is already full…somehow derelict projects do infiltrate my schedule and I go off on a different project tangent.
    Sadly gave away one sewing machine…now have to get my arsenal back up to an even dozen. When my DH go shopping together, he just drops me off at the fabric store first so I can get it out of my system for the day…he says my eyes glaze over and I transcend into a different place even before we pull out of the driveway. He wonders how I make it there when I drive myself. Wish I could tolerate a sewing tattoo…in love with sewing needles so much more than tattoo needles…Yikes!

  51. LOL – how profoundly true~

  52. Addiction? It’s possible, you tell me…

    #1 and #3 definitely, especially at the moment,
    I hadn’t even thought of #2.
    #4 surely that’s just sensible
    #5 an iron isn’t a household appliance, it’s a craft tool, and is exempt from the ban on appliances for birthdays.
    #6 define “normal”
    #7 doesn’t everyone?
    no small children, so no to #8 and #9
    #10 I tend not to name and shame my children, but they do know all of my current sewing projects.
    #11 well, there is this monthly meeting I go to…
    #12 usually three times a week, sometimes more

    At least it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.
    read my blog at http:handmadebyclairebear.com

  53. I love this post, would you mind if I reproduced it on my blog? You’d get full credit, of course.

  54. I giggled as I read this and said yes. yes. yes. yes. Sooo true.

  55. Love this site, ran upon the tattoo, just what I been loking for. My aunt passed March 2012, she was a master quilter, & did just about every craft imaginable. She taught me to quilt years ago, I inturn have taught my grandaughters. Yes I do have 3 very expensive machines, 2 irons, a full closet with 9 shelves of fabric, 3 bins marked UFO, scrapes, blocks. My husband knows to walk lightly for fear of pins on floor, & never use or borrow anything from my sewing room.

  56. I really beginning to think I need help since last weekend I purchased my third featherweight singer sewing machine, I can pass up an estate sales that has sewing items listed, esp VTG patterns and I am always looking for new things to create…..


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