Roads Quilt: Sewing the Blocks Together

Gah! How did this happen!?

I used to be one of those people who started a project, finished it, and then moved on to another. Now I have simultaneous projects up the wazoo, including Duncan’s Quilt.

I last left you with completed blocks. After they were all pressed, and trimmed to size,  I arranged them out on an old sheet. There is a very specific layout to the pieces to create the continuous “road” out of the blocks, and then I needed to avoided adjacent matches. It took time, but it was an enjoyable puzzle. After I found my layout, I safety-pinned the blocks to the sheet. That way I could fold up the sheet and store it between sewing sessions.

Blocks were sewn into rows and seams pressed…

(The kids kept messing with my quilt blocks when I had them laid out on the floor. Pinning the sheet to a curtain rod, kept the quilt out-of-the-way and readily accessible while working.)

…Then rows were matched up, sewn together, and pressed again…

(I did my best to match the blocks at the road joints and the corners.)

…until the quilt top was finished!

Well, finished, except for the pieced border that the directions calls for. I’ll get to that… eventually. :)


Update: This project is now finished!

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  1. says

    this is AWESOME! I love it. Such a good idea with the sheet too… why have I never thought of that???
    Also, if I had only two projects “open” at a time, it would be a major success for me. :)

  2. says

    Pinning unsewn squares to a sheet — a what a great idea! Especially since I have nothing even approaching a design wall (I have a design floor, but only if I have swept and mopped it, and there are no Beadboys or Beadcats around).

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    I love it! My brother and I drew roads like that on a bed sheet once. My mom was not very thrilled. Now, had she made us a quilt like this, we wouldn’t have had to make a road-covered sheet for ourselves!

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    Wow. It really looks like roads. I know a small boy who would have all his cars lined up on that in the blink of an eye. Your curves look great and match up brilliantly. I tried curves one time (a long time ago) and it didn’t come out too well so I’m not very keen to have another go!


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