Cutting and Marking Our Pieces (Sidekick Sew-along Day #3)

Over the next few weeks, I will be working my way through the Sidekick Mini Suitcase pattern, sharing any extra tips that didn’t make it into the pattern directions, and answering questions. The printable pattern and complete directions for the suitcase are available for purchase here.

Today on the sew-along, we are cutting out and marking our pattern pieces (steps 3 and 4). 

I really wish I had it in me to show you lots and lots of lovely pictures about these steps, but…. this is how the majority of the household feels today…

yeah. We are a germy mess over here.
(colds, ear infections, and pneumonia, oh my!)

So, I don’t want to fall behind in our very first week. So instead of pictures you are getting some quick notes from me. kay?

  • There are suggested cutting layouts given in the pattern directions. The selvedges (or selvages), the finished edge of fabric cut from a bolt, are labeled on the layout.
  • Cut out the largest pieces first. In this case, the largest pieces are the side pieces. You don’t want to leave them for last and discover you don’t have enough fabric.
  • Transfer all the notch markings either by cutting into the seam allowance (about a 1/4″ in), or marking with a pen.
  • You only need to mark the corner placement lines on the right side of canvas pieces.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope I’ll be back at it on Monday to make some piping.

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