DIY Pattern Weights – Ribbon Wrapped Washers

Ribbon Wrapped Washers for Pattern Weights -

The last time I stopped by the hardware store I made sure to pick up some washers to use as pattern weights. So far, I have have been making do using cans, cups, silverware, wooden play blocks, and anything else that I could easily get my hands on. You can buy pattern weights, but I loved having prettier weights at only the fraction of the cost. 

Ribbon Wrapped Washers for Pattern Weights -

These washers set me back only 40 cents a piece and when I asked on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram how I could pretty them up, I was deluged with suggestions.

Ribbon Wrapped Washers for Pattern Weights -

I detest glue and painting and yarn… so ribbon won out for me.

Ribbon Wrapped Washers for Pattern Weights -

Have you used washers as pattern weights? Did you take the time to pretty them up? Which method would you choose?

Ribbon Wrapped Washers for Pattern Weights -

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  1. Those are super cute! I never thought about using washers as pattern weights, but now I need to go to the hardware store!

  2. Brilliant! Pinning these immediatly.

  3. Those are cute! I really need some pattern weights… I’ve been using an odd assortment of things that are lying around when I need the weights. Maybe I’ll copy yours! =)

  4. Can I eat one? They look like candy :) So fun! I have 4 pattern weights, but that is not enough. I will have to make some of these too! Great post!

  5. I dipped my washers in the plastic coating that you use on tool handles and such. I raided hub’s shop for heavy washers and large nuts, washed them and let them air dry. I don’t remember the brand of coating (again from the shop). I need a few more. Thank you for reminding me!

  6. I have never given pattern weights a try but these are too pretty to be ignored!! Or forgotten!! Thank you for the great idea!

  7. I just pinned a tutorial to make the scrapbook and dimensional glaze for a pendant version! Now I have another use for them if I do!

  8. Love these, especially since they are so pretty and simple. I have an extreme sewing aunt whose birthday is coming up soon. Looks like a good thing to add to her gift basket!

  9. Thanks for linking to my post about the yarn option for these! I am a ribbon hoarder, so I may have to make some more!

    {walker whimsy}

  10. I bought pattern weights when notions were 50% off and they still cost me 7.50. On top of that, they aren’t big enough and they don’t hold the pattern with the steadiness and steadfastness of pinning. I think I’ll be making some pattern weights out of washers soon, then I can use more than the 6 I’ve got and they will be bigger!

    Thanks for the great idea, Jodi!

  11. Kathleen says:

    Several of us who are taking sewing classes at have been posting questions about where to find these weights. Can you share where you got them. Trips to Home Depot and Lowes have not been successful, so either we must go somewhere special or maybe we don’t know what to look for. Thanks much for any help!


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