Keep Calm and Nest On

nesting in progress -

Don’t panic, Jodi. There is still some time left.

Silk and Sling Rings -

There better be, because I am up to my elbows in projects, sewing and otherwise.

Car Seat Swaddle Blanket -

I did finish one of my projects over the weekend. I made a car seat swaddle blanket, which I will take better pictures of as soon as the car seat dries from the major (much needed) scrub down it got this morning. Two kids worth of baby spitup. shudder.

Baptism Gown in Progress -

I feel like I am losing my marbles. I have this intense desire to prepare for this child, but most of my energy is taken up with just surviving the daily tasks. Mornings with bursts of nesting activity are followed by afternoons glued to the couch with my kids watching too much tv. Is a reasonable balance even possible at this point?

baptism gown in progress -

What do you think of this baptism gown bodice? I had hoped this project would be a satisfying meditative experience, but instead I am feeling like a stress-case when working on it. Maybe it is because I didn’t start with a strong enough vision of how I wanted it to look? And now I am bogged down with decision making. blergh. (The pattern is Simplicity 2457) Is batiste too delicate? Is the lace alright for a boys gown? sigh. I am tempted to scrap this one and use a heavier cotton fabric.

Take your time, baby. Mommy clearly needs a bit more time to get all of her ducks in a row.

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  1. Joanne says

    Dont scrap it = it is lovely…boy or girl….you have already put a lot of work into it.
    Nice long full skirt added should make it georgeous and an heirloom…just wash
    carefully by hand and air dry…just my humble opinion.
    Love your posts…and send love and best wishes to you!!

  2. Angie says

    I think it all looks lovely.

    You have 4 kids… don’t be so hard on yourself. Even Wonder Woman is part of the Justice League and needs a little help every now and again…


  3. Rachel says

    Jodi, I can so relate to the over exuberant morning, and slovenly afternoon. Why can’t I be balanced?! :) The fabric is lovely and has an “old fashioned” look to it. I love it! Lace is precious, and boys can totally don the delicate and dainty! (Max wore rosebuds on his gown :) )

  4. says

    The blanked looks so cozy1 And I love the bodice of the gown..

    and yeah, don’t be too hard on yourself, baby will have all it needs with loving mom and family!

  5. says

    Swaddle blanket for the car seat is a lovely idea.
    It will work out… there will be things left unfinished but once the baby arrives, they won’t matter. =) At least you are lucky enough to have the burst of energy in the morning… I feel wiped out from the moment I wake up until the moment I lay back down at night.
    And the gown bodice looks perfectly sweet. =) Batiste is very light and delicate, but that is part of the appeal, it will be a wonderful heirloom someday.

  6. Celeste says

    I say push on with the garment you have. I think you will like it just fine once the baby is here, because it will be finished. In a gown I only like very lightweight fabric, for the drape/spill. If you were going with a onesie such as the pattern shows, then yes a heavier fabric would be the way to go. I hope this helps!


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