A Lovely Shirt for A Lovely Woman

Butterick 5217 - sewn by sewfearless.com

I have a lovely friend who is a lover of lovely things.  Last summer (was it really that long ago?), she expressed her desire for an adult version of the ruffly tops that her nieces wear. I recognized the silhouette as Butterick 5217, and told her that we could make it happen. How could I not oblige such a generous friend? A friend who has made me and my family countless dinners, taught me the wonders of feta and orzo, and who has blessed so many people with her fantastic writing.

butterick 5217 - sewfearless.com

Eeep. I shoulda ironed that, but it really was miraculous that I got it sewn. Ironing the wrinkle-loving linen too much was more than I could handle yesterday. That’s the excuse I’m going with.

With both of our busy schedules, it took until now for us to fit a muslin, find the right fabric (thanks for shopping for us, Jess!), and for me to finally sew it. Not that it was a difficult project by any means. It really is an easy sew. Some words of advice, the sizing runs big, and for intermediate sewists, I recommend this far more clever construction method for the yoke.

narrow rolled hem, sewfearless.com I also had a chance to try out my Narrow Rolled Hem foot(affiliate link). After browsing tutorial and quite a bit of practice, I made the most gorgeous narrow hem I have ever sewn. Boo ya!

butterick 5217 - sewfearless.com

Tomorrow, she will pick it up from me. Here’s hoping she likes it!

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  1. Lindsay May 7, 2013 at 3:43 pm #

    SO pretty, Jodi! She IS going to love it. How could she not? (That is an amazing fabric)

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