Matchy-Matchy Shorty-Shorts

Summer Sets, shorts and tunic - How did this project come about again? I don’t remember exactly…
I think it started with me falling in love with Elegance & Elephants “Bubble Pocket Shorts” pattern

Bubble Pocket Shorts - Sewn by

… then I found this funky print stretch sateen at Jo-Ann’s. In a high school, I would have thought it was the ugliest print on earth, but I kinda love it now. Wouldn’t it make for an awesomely funky pair of slacks?

tunic tops - Sewn By

Serendipity at the fabric store gave me the coordinating “Easy Wash & Care” solid for the tops. McCall 5416 making yet another appearance for Gladys’ top and I found New Look 6504 (shortened to tunic length) was a passable “big girl” match ¬†for Gianna.

aqua tunic and bubble pocket shorts - sewn by

Andy thinks the outfits “look a little goofy”. Silly husband. Trust me on this one. If they are “goofy”, they are “goofy in a fantastic way.”

matching aqua tunic and bubble pocket shorts - sewn by

At least, us girls think so and that is what matters.

Covered Buttons -

Oh! One more thing! I made my first ever covered buttons. They really were surprisingly quick and easy to make. [Thanks, Dritz, for sending me some to try out! I give them two thumbs up!] Seriously, it was no more than a couple minutes to put them together and much faster than going to the store to hunt down matching buttons.

McCalls Tunic and Bubble Pocket Shorts for Toddler -

New Look Tunic and Bubble Pocket Shorts - Sewn by

So there you have it – goofy cute outfits for my goofy cute girls.

Happy Dance -

Happy Summer!

More summer shorts fantastic-ness happening in the “Shorts on the Line” blog series at Imagine Gnats and Small + Friendly.


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  1. Christine says

    Super cute outfits…I just had to add that I did (at age 40-something) buy that same fabric for a pair of capri pants for me for the summer (but I haven’t had time to make them yet)…so yes, I think they would make “awesomely funky pair of slacks”…LOL!

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