Fabric Bracelet as Sewing Souvenir

fabric bracelets made by SewFearless.com

I’m going to this local blogger meetup thing tonight hosted by The Busy Budgeting Mama. I guess it’s kinda like speed dating for bloggers. I’m not really sure what to expect, but I think it will be nice to chat with some women who “get” this blogging thing that I do. They are all local, which means if I any of us do hit it off, maybe we could become bloggy BFFs or something. Like I said… Speed Dating for Mommy Bloggers.

WEB-PROMO-Ohio Valley Blogger Meet n Greet

It will be a small group, less than 30 bloggers, in attendance, and Natalie had the suggestion that we bring “a little something” with our business cards to make the exchange more exciting. *Cue panic as I hate being creative under pressure!!!* Fortunately, my DIY Jewelry Pinterest board came to the rescue, because LBG Studio’s Fabric Bracelet tutorial was just the sort of project that I could churn out quickly and cheaply.

Fabric Bracelets sewn by Sew Fearless.com

You know how I hate to mass produce anything? Well…. I LOVED making these. I didn’t a bit bored until I was working on the last 5 (and I made 29 of them). That says a lot. They come together easily, but the best part was digging through my boxes of scraps.

Fabric Bracelets sewn by Sew Fearless.com, with mini moo tags

Each piece reminded me of a project I had made and the reasons I made it. Basically, I was fondling a box full of happiness and victory. If I wanted to get all smarmy and sentimental, I could say each of these bracelets represents part of my sewing journey. I know. Cheesy. Whatever. I enjoyed working with them and I will enjoy giving them away.

Fabric Bracelets sewn by Sew Fearless.com

oh, and I’m keeping some for myself. Because how could I not?

Fabric Bracelets sewn by Sew Fearless.com

I’m a little worried that I have forgotten how to hold an adult conversation and will come across as a mumbling idiot. Hopefully, these bracelets will make up for my lack o’ social skills.

Wish me luck!

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  1. says

    Wow what a great idea getting together like that. You amaze me that you were able to get so many done is such a short time. I love them, a great way to use up scraps.

    So are you going to make all of us going to The Sewing Summit one? lol

  2. Christina P says

    Those bracelets are such a great idea! Also, please don’t mind if I just go ahead and repin just about everything on that jewelry board…because it’s AWESOME! Have fun at the meetup!

  3. says

    so um, when i get out of pjs, which i totally didn’t do today (maybe tomorrow? yes, definitely. maybe…), I will be wearing my bracelet. excitely. I am thrilled to have met you, and yes, let’s be bloggy bffs and irl friends, too! 😀 yay!

  4. says

    Jodi! You came across as a sweet mama who enjoys her kids and loves sewing. And your funny! AND i loved my bracelet. So did my girls, they almost stole it from me but they got “the look” and put it right back in the jewelry box. Taking it with me to Vegas!

    So glad to have met you and I hope the conversation continues…..

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