About Sew Fearless

Sew Fearless is about a reckless pursuit of the sewing craft. It is about not letting your fears talk you out of your dreams. It is a place to go for encouragement, information, and sewing camaraderie. It’s a place where “done” is better than “perfect”, and where saying “I didn’t try” is worse than “I failed”.

What is holding your back from your dream of learning to sew?
Fear of Failure? Fear of wasted time? Fear of wasted money? Fear of “just being bad at it”?

I have all those fears too! But in 2010, I decided to take on the most intimidating type of sewing for me – sewing clothing for myself.  I wanted to complete an item of clothing a month, and I did, documenting the process on this blog. For 2011, I decided to give back to the online sewing community and release a pattern or tutorial every month. They are found here.

So, join me in my journey as I explore the world of sewing and let me encourage you on yours!  I love to answer questions, provide resources, and cheer your on.

You can find me…

Also, you can learn my personal background on the “Face behind Fearless” page.

If you have completed any of the tutorials on this site, or found inspiration from any of the projects posted here.  Send me a photo! I’d love to see your projects, and I might even feature you in one of my blog posts.

 Let’s start sewing! 

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