The “Get To Know Your Sewing Machine” Class

Teaching The "Get To Know Your Sewing Machine" Class - ebook review

I meant for there to a be a couple of posts between this one and my last, as it is becoming a kind of awkward groupie-like with two "I love Abby Glassenberg!" posts in a row. My apologies! I'll be able to get pictures of my last three #selfishsewing/#selfcaresewing projects someday when life and children cooperate. In the meantime, let's talk about this … [Read more...]

Floral Backed Cardigan

Floral Backed French Terry Drape Cardigan

I've been drooling over the lovely floral sweatshirts in my Pinterest feed for months, and I wanted to make one for myself. However, even after I ordered some floral french terry and a wonderful sweatshirt pattern, I dragged my feet making the project. It finally dawned on me why I was avoiding the project. As much as I liked the look of the … [Read more...]

McCalls Blazer and Lace Wiksten Tank

Black Stretch Denim McCalls 6711 Blazer and Stretch Lace Wiksten Tank

I have wanted to make myself the perfect casual blazer for years, and even made a false start or two. In my mind, the perfect blazer is close-fitting, lined, and classically cut. It was surprisingly hard to find a pattern that hit all three. The classic looking ones are usually drafted for intense tailoring (think big shoulder pads), and those that are … [Read more...]

5 Tools To Keep Sharp

5 sewing tools that dull and need sharpening or replacment

I changed out my rotary blade last night. Dude, I had not realized how dull it had gotten! I guess it's put in some great work this past few months,especially with the leather cutting it has been doing. It reminded me that rotary cutters aren't the only sewing tool that dulls with use. So let me pass on the friendly reminder to you! Here's a list of 5 … [Read more...]

Mega Eater (Pajama Eater)

"Mega Eater" - Twice the Size of a "Pajama Eater"

I didn't make very many presents this advent, but I have one sibling who will be receiving his very own Pajama Eater this Christmas. His Big Guy Sized pajamas needed a bigger monster to accommodate them. So I present to you... THE MEGA EATER Twice the monster, twice the fun (and twice the cuddle when it is sewn from "ultra cuddle" … [Read more...]

Sewing Machine Cover

Embroidered and Quilted Sewing Machine Cover - sew

Sometimes you just need a quick project. And by "quick", I mean you make a sampler three years ago, insert it into a quilted panel the next year, and then let it languish in the Works In Progress pile for another couple of years, before spending an hour finishing it off. I am in the midst of fitting and sewing a Christmas party outfit for myself, and … [Read more...]

Jalie Sweatshirt

Jalie Sweatshirt

I don't have a lot to say about this wonderful basic pattern - Jalie 3355, because it went together without a single hiccup. I've been making friends with my serger again which made this a quick and easy sew . This adorable French Terry was purchased at ImagineGnats (although I think she sold out). I have some equally awesome french terry set aside … [Read more...]