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Unicorn Top and Dresses

Unicorns Make The Best Shirts (and Dresses!)

This project was a long time coming. Back in July, when I was still gestating mega-baby and the pregnancy hormones glossed over my memories of the intense newborn period, I signed up for Baste + Gather’s Momiform MAKEover series. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. seriously! What was I thinking? Fortunately, Lauren is super understanding and didn’t bite my head off when […]

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knitted baby sweater

Sweet Things for My Niece

Well hello there again! I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think I might be starting to get a hang of things again. I’ve actually been able to sneak back into my sewing room more and more regularly too. huzzah! One of the first makes I’ve managed since Ernest was born is this little gift set […]

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It’s taken me two months to get around to officially announcing the birth of little Ernest. He certainly took his sweet time arriving and he was finally evicted on July 23rd. This little man is such a handsome mellow baby, and he is fitting in with the rest of the crew just fine. As for me, […]

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Maternity Leave

I’m going to go ahead and schedule this post for my due date. If the baby has already I arrived (oh, please, oh please!), I am busy recovering. If not, I am busy feeling miserable. I will be taking a blogging break for a while to bond, rest, and enjoy my family. If you have […]

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DIY Nursing Sleep Bras + how to sew lingerie elastic

Nursing Sleep Bras

I’ve really gone of the sewing deep end, because I am about to post a picture of my underwear on the internet. Yes, you will be spared pictures of me modeling said underwear, because some things can be taken too far. I love the undergarment sewing trend that has taken the world by storm. I cannot […]

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Carousel baby cardigan - pattern by Lisa Chemery, sewn by Sew Fearless


Two weeks to due date. I’ve been feeling a strong need to retreat this last week. I haven’t felt like leaving the house as much, or visiting friends, or adventuring with my children. I’ve been touchy and emotional. During one of those grouchy moments when I was literally hiding from my children in my sewing […]

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Leather Case for Knitpicks Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Leather Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case

I’ve taken to stashing my current knitting project in my Better-Than-Basic Bag and working on a sweet little baby sweater during my now frequent visits to the OB waiting room. (36 weeks and counting!) When my interchangeable knitting needles‘ factory-made vinyl case bit the dust last week, and I ignored my family encouraged my children toward self-directed […]

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