7 Quick Takes: Lots of Projects, Not Much Progress

Man, this summer (lack of) schedule is kicking my butt! I had forgotten just how much work it is to have 4 kids at home all day, every day. Not to mention, managing a potty training son and a little girl who is now walking. (WALKING! Where did time go?) By the time everyone is tuck in bed, I’ve been too pooped to sew.

Not to say I haven’t been making loads of sewing plans, way too many. Enough so, that I am joining in today’s 7 Quick Takes to tell you about seven of them. I will limit myself to seven, because it is convenient, and because writing down more than seven might would make me hyperventilate… more than I am already. For your convenience, I’ve prioritized them from least urgent to most.  [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol #1)


I’ve been in a bit off a crafting funk lately.  Mostly, I’m just too tired.  The day-to-day tasks required to care for this family of 5 (+1) is more than my pregnant body can handle.  I know I need to let things slide, and I do.  The only reason the laundry is folded in the picture above is because I have a husband who loves me very much.


We found out we are having a GIRL! All I can say is “Ruffle Butt Onesies“!!!


The best way to get melted crayon out of your dryer is to first heat it with a hair dryer. Oh, and pull it apart so you can get everything out of all the little cracks. sigh.


I made a “Lucy Flower” out of an old men’s dress shirt.  It looks cute on this hat, but I am trying to figure out how to wear it as a barrette.  I can’t really pull my hair into a bun so I’m at a bit of a loss. (Tutorial found via Delia Creates)


I’ve discovered I’m a twitter addict.  I already spend way too much time composing Facebook statuses in my head, but now I have the added excitement of venting my sewing ups and downs with new crafty type peeps. To make matters, a while back U-handbag complimented my Saucy Sack on twitter and then I got a mention on Ana White’s amazing blog (I don’t even care if she mis-wrote my username).  yup.  I’m hooked. Are you?  I’d love to follow you on twitter, too! @sewfearless


I have bought my fabric and have pretty much decided to make Megan Nieslon’s wrap top as my November project.


Christmas presents.  I really need to get on those.  I have some really fun ideas for nieces and nephews, but I really would love to get them done before advent begins.  I’m like two months behind. eep!