Gauze Swaddle Blankets

Gauze Baby Swaddle Blankets

They didn’t have these fantastic lightweight swaddles when I first started having babies (dude, that makes me sound so old!), but I can see why they are all the rage with the new moms these days. Large enough for a decent swaddle, but breathable for the summer months.

Gauze Baby Swaddle Blankets

The fabric is “Island Breeze Gauze” at, and there are some really fabulous colors there as of this posting. They are just a hemmed rectangle the full width of the yardage (52″) by roughly a yard and a half. (I followed Dana’s guidance as far as hemming goes. No need to iron this wrinkly stuff.)

Gauze Baby Swaddle Blankets

Baby gifts are always so simple to make, that they are almost embarrassing to give. (Here you go, I made you some fabric rectangles! I hope you like them!)

But then again, babies’ needs are so simple that the simple gift is the most appropriate. Isn’t it?

I Spy A Hexy Quilt

Disclosure: Crafterhours‘ Susan provided one of the the I Spy charm packs to me. I was gonna buy it anyways though, but full disclosure ‘n’ all that, yo. I Spy Hexagon Quilt

It’s been a year. A YEAR! My baby is one, and for his gift, I gave him a quilt that was just shy of a year in the making.

I Spy Hexy Quilt

One hundred thirty-eight 2 1/4 inch hand-sewn hexagons. Now I know others have sewn hexagon quilts so much faster, but I only worked on it when I couldn’t get to my machine. I was trying to keep it a leisurely.

I Spy Hexagon Quilt

A purist would insist on quilting and finishing this blanket by hand as well, but, truth be told, I’m kinda done with hand piecing for a while. English Paper Piecing doesn’t fit the Go-Go-Go! speed of life now that Vinny is mobile and oodles of trouble.

Vinny and his I Spy Quilt

Crazy kid, he doesn’t sit still for a second.

Vinny and His Quily

So, with the quilt top done, I wanted to quilt and finish the blanket by machine, and I wanted to keep the hexagon edges, but without any binding.

Hexagon Quilt, back

I’ll share how I finished it in another post. [Edit: here it is!]

I Spy Quilt

In the meantime, happy birthday, kiddo! You definitely contribute to the crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vinny and His Quilt

Stay funky.

I Spy Hexagon Quilt

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Leather Soled Baby Shoes

leather soled baby shoes -

Watch out, world. Vincent is on the move!

Like seriously, the kid doesn’t slow down for a second. Last night, Andy heard him crying in his crib to discover him STANDING UP hanging on to the side. Say what?! Didn’t I push him out yesterday?
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Baptism Gown for Vincent

Baoy Baptism Gown -

It has been more than a month since Vinny’s baptism. The sweet smell of chrism has worn off his head, but the waters of baptism have left their indelible mark.

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Bundles for Babies: Silk Ring Slings

(I am writing this post on Saturday morning and scheduling it for Monday. I wonder if the baby arrive before then…. nope, no baby yet.)

silk ring sling -

I’ve gotten more than a few raised eyebrows from friends and family when I said I was sewing a silk ring sling for the new baby. Why use such a fancy fabric? Won’t you worry about it getting spit-up or pooped on? Why not something more practical? Well… I have a couple “more practical” slings (which I love), but I’ve wanted a silk sling since I was pregnant with Matthias. If I have been daydreaming about something for 4 years and through 3 pregnancies, it’s about time to make it happen. right? Plus, the little guy is going to have enough hand-me-downs in his life. It’s nice to have something to give him that is new.

double layer silk dupioni ring sling -

Project Details

Fabric: “Caribbean Lagoon” and “Gray Stone” 200% silk dupioni From NY Fashion Fabrics.
If you follow me on Facebook, you would know that my first online order (from another seller) was a total flop. They shorted me a half yard of silk and the quality between the two cuts were really inconsistent.  I returned that order and ordered from NY Fashion Fabrics. I would order from them again.

Rings: Size Large “Silver” from
DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT BUY “CRAFT RINGS” from a craft store for making your own baby sling. They are not strong enough. These rings from are inexpensive and strength-tested.

Thread & Needles: A Shmetz 70/10 Microtex needle* worked well for hemming the silk, but I switched to a size 90/14 Topstitching needle* for sewing across the pleats. Use the best quality thread you have available to you. (I used Gutterman thread).

Tutorial: Reversible, Un-padded, Double Layer Sling tutorial from Jan Andrea at Home on the Web
love Jan’s tutorials for baby carriers. Not only are they detailed, but she also has thought through all of the safety issues. Her solution for making this sling reversible and avoiding putting the weight of a baby on the joining seam is total genius.

double layer silk dupioni ring sling -

One fun thing about making slings from 58/60″ fabric, is that you can get two sets of slings out of the same yardage. I mailed off a second sling to a relative who just had her first baby. I hope she enjoys it as much as I will enjoy mine!

double layer silk dupioni ring sling -

Another “Heart Prep” project checked off. Each day it feels a little more real. The little guy is coming soon!

reversible double layer silk dupioni ring sling -

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