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knitted baby sweater

Sweet Things for My Niece

Well hello there again! I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think I might be starting to get a hang of things again. I’ve actually been able to sneak back into my sewing room more and more regularly too. huzzah! One of the first makes I’ve managed since Ernest was born is this little gift set […]

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Carousel baby cardigan - pattern by Lisa Chemery, sewn by Sew Fearless


Two weeks to due date. I’ve been feeling a strong need to retreat this last week. I haven’t felt like leaving the house as much, or visiting friends, or adventuring with my children. I’ve been touchy and emotional. During one of those grouchy moments when I was literally hiding from my children in my sewing […]

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Crinkle Gauze Summer Baby Swaddle Blankets

Super Easy Crinkle Gauze Swaddle Blankets

It’s so strange how close this babe of mine is to being born. I keep waiting for insane nesting urges to strike, but as of yet… I am just puttering along day by day, overseeing the summer play of his many older siblings, as unfinished business keeps piling up around me. It’s remarkably chill compared to my last […]

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Double Gauze Baby Swaddle Blankets sewn by

Double Gauze Swaddling Blankets

oooooh lala. I had heard stories about how lovely, airy and soft double gauze was, and it is all true. This pair of baby swaddling blankets are my first project with it, and it most definitely won’t be the last. A lovely friend of mine is expecting her sixth baby in just a couple of weeks. The […]

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<a href="">Baby Quilt for a Teacher</a>

A Quilt For Teacher

Normally, I don’t do much for teacher gifts –  a little potted basil with a family recipe is my go-to. However, some teachers are just so amazing and loving that you want to do a little more, and when you have the perfect charm pack in your stash, and Amazing Teacher is expecting a baby, a baby […]

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<a href="">Gauze Swaddle Blankets</a>

Gauze Swaddle Blankets

They didn’t have these fantastic lightweight swaddles when I first started having babies (dude, that makes me sound so old!), but I can see why they are all the rage with the new moms these days. Large enough for a decent swaddle, but breathable for the summer months. The fabric is “Island Breeze Gauze” at […]

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