Dragon Boy

Dragon Shirt - sewn by SewFearless.com

The middle end of January is obviously the very best time to share a Halloween costume, right? The truth is, with all the school cancellations we’ve been having, I haven’t had much time for sewing. I really can’t complain though because the kids have been doing awesome playing together. It’s a nice perk of having so very many little kids – built-in playmates, and I would be free to sew like woah if it weren’t for a certain 11 month old boy.

Dragon Shirt - sewn by SewFearless.com

Matthias asked for a “dragon costume” for Halloween last fall, and even though I reeeeallly do not like sewing costumes, I somehow ended up sewing 4 of them last year. (what?! Darn children, and their sweet enthusiasm. How do I say no to them?!) [Read more...]

Tiny Sewists

G is proud of herself

I’m guest posting at A Jennuine Life today, sharing one of my kid’s sewing tips for her Tiny Sewists Series.

Tiny Sewists Series

Gianna used this tip to sew herself a pair of fleece pajama pants, with a little help of course.

fleece pajama pants

If you are new here, you might enjoy some of these past kid-made sewing projects.
(Also, make sure you enter the leather giveaway! It runs through Monday.)

Leather Soled Baby Shoes

leather soled baby shoes - sewfearless.com

Watch out, world. Vincent is on the move!

Like seriously, the kid doesn’t slow down for a second. Last night, Andy heard him crying in his crib to discover him STANDING UP hanging on to the side. Say what?! Didn’t I push him out yesterday?
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Two More SewFab-ulous Projects

Disclosure: As a contributing designer to the Sew Fab Sale, I received received copies of all the patterns, including those mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own.

Ananda Pants - Sewn by SewFearless.com

I feel a little bit ridiculous sharing these pictures, because they represent two categories of sewing projects that I admitted recently that I don’t like to sew… Kids Clothes and Costumes. [Read more...]

The Sally Dress Pattern Test

Until October 8th 2013, the Sally Dress pattern is available as part of an amazing sewing pattern bundle! Read more about it here.

Sew Fearless - Sally Dress Pattern Test

I don’t really feel like writing today. In fact, I haven’t really felt like writing all week, but I have a backlog of projects I want to share like this pattern test version of  the recently released “Sally Dress” pattern.

Very Shannon Sally Dress sewn by SewFearless.com

Let’s this be an experiment in low-test blog posting. (See? I can even make it sound all trendy like “low volume” quilting. Not “Jodi is tired and busy,” but “Low-Text”.) A blog post where you let the pictures do the talking. [Read more...]