SHMWC PROJECT #2: Maternity Tunic/Dress (McCall’s 6347)

I have been getting all antsy and grumpy from sewing deprivation.The sewing room was not set up yet, but I decided to throw practicality to the wind and start taking over the rest of the house. I know! A whole room to myself and I was still ironing in the kitchen and dropping pins all over the living room. We do what we have got to do.

Besides, I am RUNNING OUT OF TIME to sew maternity clothes. Seriously, how am I already 20 weeks?

Unfortunately, the chosen project left me feeling deflated. McCall’s 6347 was easy enough to sew, but it looked a bit too 80′s / Giant Tent / And Seriously How Has My Butt Gotten So Big. Meh.   [Read more...]

SHMWC Project #1: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Matern-ifying Pants

Is it bad for me to admit to owning jeggings? Is it a fashion faux pas? I bought them on a whim and then forgot to return them when I discovered that they reveal waaaaaayyyyyy more woman than I am comfortable with. Then I discovered that they are comfy, and then I started to wear them with a short dress, and I realized they did a great job covering my grandma pantyhose. (waaaahhhhhh!!! Please tell me I’m not the only 29-year-old on the planet who has to wear these nasty things when pregnant!)

Also exciting, they still fit me. Well, they used to.

um… yeah. It’s time to kick off my Semi-Handmade Maternity Wardrobe Challenge and I am starting with the seriously easy jegging makeover!

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Sewing With A Plan: A Semi Handmade Maternity Wardrobe

I have dreamed of making myself a handmade wardrobe for years. Really it was my desire for it that started this whole Sew Fearless journey. The “trouble” is that whenever my weight normalizes and I roll up my sleeves to delve into sewing my own clothes… BAM! I’m pregnant again. Then, I’m putting off the wardrobe dream again for another year or two.

Frankly, I’ve had it. I’m sick of waiting until “someday” to work towards this, because this ideal “someday when my weight stops fluctuating” seems to be getting farther away not closer. Instead, I choose to make “someday” today

So, inspired by the fabulous Megan Nielson’s DIY Maternity Fall/Winter Sewing List, and with an eye towards flexibility and usability, I will attempt to sew myself a maternity wardrobe. The likelihood is that I won’t be able to finish it all, but even attempting it is a worthwhile pursuit. Don’t you agree?

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A Floral Maxi aka The Nursing Ninja

I’ve never been one to wear long dresses, because “floor-length” skirts hit me awkwardly above my ankle, and I hadn’t thought to sew one for myself until now.  It turns out, I LOVE them.  All that slippery polyester jersey swishing around my ankles feels elegant, and it looks so dressy, even though it is as easy as putting on a pair of PJs.  Win! [Read more...]

Adding Nursing Openings to Empire Waist – Tutorial

I present to you an…

Nursing so stealthy, you might as well be called “Ninja.”

OK. Maybe not that stealthy, but it is pretty sneaky and to doesn’t require baring the entirety of your upper chest or your belly to nurse. I bought I top like this from Motherhood way back, and it is still my favorite Sadly, they don’t seem to make this style anymore. boo hoo.  It’s OK, though. I figured out how to make my own and now I am going to share it with you. [Read more...]