Slow Progress

Embroidery sewn by, pattern by Alison Glass

Sheesh! That was a depressing post to leave hanging out on my blog. I thought I should bump it down with a little update to say Thank You So MUCH for all of your prayers and words of encouragement. I am slowly improving. I am healing well from surgery and only need pain meds on occasion, which means I have my brain back! And I am able to do things … [Read more...]

Five Lil’ Pickles

Pickle Ornaments, made by, designed by Abby Glassenberg

Normally, I would keep my Christmas gift crafting under wraps, but in the case of these pickle ornaments, I just had to share. Don't they make you giggle? Why you ask? Um... Why Not? And there is a fun little tradition where you hide a pickle ornament on your Christmas tree for your holiday guests to find. Silly good times. Want to make some of … [Read more...]

A Birthday Giveaway!

Birthday Giveaway

I can't get enough of these little embroidered pendants. They are such a quick and satisfying little projects, even if I feel a bit like a 7th grade girl doodling in her notebook when I am making them. And wouldn't you know it? My birthday is next week! How about a little giveaway in celebration? I want to give one of you a little handmade thank you … [Read more...]