A Carefree Cowl

Ta Da! Look I knitted something! [Read more...]

Becoming a Beginner again

My sister and her family came for a visit over the weekend. We both live far from family and these visits are as precious as they are few. It was perfect timing for me craft-wise because my sister is a knitting fiend, and I had the opportunity to peck her brain about my knitting project.

It was also a perfect opportunity for me to re-experience being a beginner. [Read more...]

Does this mean my hobby has a hobby?

I caved. The lure of luxurious comfort in the form of cowls did me in. I bought some yarn and some needles and I am joining a knit along. Hopefully by Nov 9th, I’ll have a snuggly warm Gap-tastic Cowl to sport around the playground.  [Read more...]