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Handmade Cotton and Leather Strap - SewFearless.com
Last Saturday, just as I was dipping my toes into a Very Exciting Project… I got sick. ugh. Sicker than I have been in a long while. I’ve been taking it pretty easy this week as I work my way back to health. Sadly, I haven’t had much energy for sewing, but I took the opportunity to do some blog maintenance. I rolled up my sleeves and dug into the dusty nether regions of the Sew Fearless archives.
duplos and babies
Sew Fearless has been around since 2010 and there are legacy posts from “Made by Jodi” dating back to 2009. That makes for a good many blog posts! I’ve tried my best to be good about categorizing the posts, but scrolling through miles of blog posts by category is not very enjoyable either. Now I have created a few thumbnail galleries that showcase past projects and tutorials by category. You can access them in the “Project Galleries” menu up by the header, or… click one of the categories below.

Man, looking at all those projects made me even more anxious to get back to sewing.

Hand Sewing Ideas for Hot Weather – A Link Roundup

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! My family and I left town for Northern Virginia to spend time with one of our god-daughter’s and her family. When I got home I realized I had not done a single stitch of sewing all weekend, and, amazingly enough, it didn’t kill me. crazy. If I had found a spare moment amidst all the visiting and watching of 7 kids between the ages of 7 months and 6 years, there are plenty of portable options that I could have taken with me.

With a little prep work, I can pack up a bag or basket and tote my little bit of fabric happy wherever the summer takes me. Here are 4 hand sewing projects ideas for you to try this summer.  [Read more...]

Beau Baby Doll Carrier (and my new blog-crush)

I am a baby carrier collector. [Read more...]

A Winter’s “Spring Cleaning”

The Word of The Week is…

Last week, something clicked in my brain. It was like a fog had lifted and I finally could take a good hard look at the way I have been lived. I’m not sure what triggered it. Maybe it was finally getting the pattern in the shop, or that Gladys’ first birthday is approaching and we are leaving that intense newborn phase. Perhaps, it was the beginning of Lent. Or that it has been a rather spring-like February. Likely, it was all of the above.

Upon “waking up”, I was saddened to see a poorly cared for family, neglected self, piles of unfinished projects, and gluttony of internet time. Things have gotten out of whack around here!

[Read more...]

We All Sew

I was recently listed as one of We All Sew‘s Favorite Blogs! Sew Fun! :) If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. Their site is chock full of fun articles, interesting Facebook pages, blogs, and video tutorials.