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Inspired Reading: Fashionistas

I would like to start out by saying I don’t consider myself to be very fashion forward.  I was never the best dressed in high school. Then, I lived in jeans and a t-shirt when studying computer science.  Soon after graduation, I moved to a small blue collar town and have been pregnant and/or nursing ever since  When I started out in my garment sewing adventure last January, I was pretty close to clueless.

After a year of thinking about and researching clothing, fashion, and fit, I feel like I am finally honing in on a personal “Style”. I still wouldn’t consider myself very fashion forward but at least now I have more informed opinions.  The following five blogs are ones that have given me inspiration in my fashion adventures.

Ain’t No Mom Jeans – Fashion advice for the truely clueless. :) I don’t always like their picks, nor do I have the kind of money to spend that they seem to have, but they did convince me to step away from bootcut and purchase a pair of straight-leg jeans. I don’t like going to malls or reading fashion magazines so I find their trend advice to be incredibly informative. I really enjoyed their pregnancy styling tips for each trimester and have tried to work them into my current wardrobe.

Already Pretty – Sal has an amazing “Love Your Body” attitude, and you can see the care she puts in dressing hers.  Before reading her blog, I had no idea people thought about their clothing this way.  It is an artform and I am a fan of her art. Because I don’t work outside the home, I enjoy her “Casual Outfit Roundups” the best.  Do you want to be as confident in having your photo taken as Sal? Check out How to Look Awesome in a Photo – Part I, II, and III.

Fashion for Nerds – This is the newest fashion blog in my reader. Audi had me at her confident smirk of a smile. It’s the kind of attitude that doesn’t apologize for the outfit, but makes it great.  Check out her series on “How to Break Out of  Fashion Rut” or “Wearing Jeans and  T-Shirt“.

Green Apples -I discovered StitchyWitch when I was researching Vogue 8577 for my Eyelet Shirtwaist. She is a talented seamstress with a love of dresses and a taste for vintage styling.  Despite our differences in body type, I still find that a lot of her picks would work on me. (Remember my Cozy Cardi? Inspired by her.)  I’m loving her picks from Vogue’s 2011 Spring Line.  I hope she makes them all because I doubt I’ll be sewing much for myself this summer and I hope to live vicariously through her.

Erica B’s DIY Style – It is often asked of sewists if sewing your own clothes is a cost savings.  The answer is “it depends“.  In the case of Erica’s wardrobe, you know she is getting a bargain. She copies runway and designer looks and tailors them perfectly to her body. The result is stunning.  She looks like a million bucks.  I wish I could look as fabulous at 27 as she does at 40.  But then, she does have almost 30 years of sewing experience helping her out. Learn more about her sewing background in this interview (which includes links to some of her favorite sewing tutorials!)

So those are my Top 5! Who are yours?
Do you follow any fashion blogs or find fashion inspiration online somewhere?

Inspired Reading: For those Learning to Sew

This month I would like to highlight some blogs that I find to be invaluable sewing resources.  These authors take the time to teach, not just show off how awesome they are. (Although, they are really awesome.) I have learned a lot from them and I hope you can learn something too.

ikatbag - This woman makes the top of the list. It is obvious that sewing is in her blood. Her crafts for her children are jaw-droppingly awesome, and her workmanship impeccable.  But the reason she is on here is for her “Sew from Scratch” series where LiEr and her friend Jen broke down how to draft and use a sloper. and is now going through various styles of pockets. I look forward to see what she will share with us next.

U-handbag – If bag making is more your thing, you have to check out Lisa Lam’s blog and her bag making shop.  I used her advice when I added a zipper to my Saucy Sack and to design my gathered clutch. Check out her free purse tutorials or bag making wisdom.  If you want to learn even more, you can buy her book.

Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing – If vintage style and tailoring techniques is more your thing, check out Gertie’s blog.  Gerties is sewing her way through the 1950′s Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing. Her posts cover such techniques as sewing princess seams, draping a dress, drafting a Peter Pan collar, and working with lace.  I would love to do one of her Sew-Alongs someday when my body shape is not fluctuating so much. :)

Threads - Threads is the online counterpart of Threads Magazine. Beginners can benefit from their Teach Yourself to Sew videos, and more advanced sewists can learn a lot from their garment construction articles. They also have a forum called “Gatherings“.


Burdastyle – To be honest, I don’t get a lot out of their blog. The real gems of this website are their terms dictionary, and their technique tutorials. If you are confused by terminology in your commercial patterns, look it up on Burdastyle. If you are seeking sewing inspiration, browse the projects gallery to see what other’s have made and download the patterns directly from the website.

So there’s my Top 5.  What are yours?

Inspired Reading: November

I would like to share with you some of my favorite blogs.  I have 144 subscriptions in my Google Reader, so there is a lot to love.   Here is just a taste of some of my favorite crafty blogs this month.

kojo designs

kojo designs – Jordan and Kristin are quite the talented pair. I discovered them through So You Think You’re Crafty and I am always amazed to see what they come up with next – like a doll stroller turned doll buggy, plenty of ruffles for little girls, and gorgeous home decor.  If you don’t feel like DIY, you can check out their Etsy shops kojo baby and kojo designs.

Made By Rae Made By Rae – I’ve loved her blog since I made her Buttercup Bag in June 2009.  Rae has always seemed down to earth and real to me despite her blog being crazy popular.  Maybe it is because she lives in Southeast Michigan (where I grew up)?  Made by Rae has hosted Spring Top Week the last two years and co-hosted Celebrate the Boy (returning again February 2011!).

Miss Sews It All – I found Erika on Twitter and she quickly become one of my crafting buddies.  She is one knowledgeable women with a BFA in Fiber Arts and experience working as a “National Sewing Educator” for Bernina.  I’m really enjoying her hand sewing series she has just started out and her bold fabric choices make me smile.

No Big Dill No Big Dill - I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get hooked on her blog. I’ve must have seen her guest-post or featured on other blogs 3 or 4 times before I subscribed.  Which is just silly, because her photos are gorgeous, her projects stunning, and she has FIVE beautiful girls.  Now that is the kind of blogger I can get behind. :) Some highlights: Ruffled Leggings designed by her daughter, the Billy Cardi, and the Biased Skirt.

Delia Creates Delia Creates – I first encountered Delia when she guest posted for MADE’s Celebrate Yellow Week. Then subscribed after seeing The June Bride’s version of Delia’s Fall Wreath. I love her style, her photos and her willingness to share her “how you do it” details.

Who’s in your Top 5?