The Nursing Chair Makeover

Custom Slipcover for Upholstered Chair -

Folks, I’ve got plans for 2014. Plans for switching the direction of my projects on this blog. I want to get back to the heart of why I decided to learn to sew in the first place. (Bonus points if you have been reading long enough to know what that reason is!) To prepare for this shift, I am clearing out my old unfinished projects. This is a prime example. I bought fabric two years ago to recover my favorite chair – The Nursing Chair. I finally finished it this week.

chair before slipcover -

I spend hours and hours sitting in this chair every day (and, as of late, long parts of the night as well). It is the chair equivalent of your favorite broken in pair of tennis shoes – ugly, worn, but oh so ridiculously comfortable. I will cry if/when this chair ever breaks. Originally, I had planned to legit re-upholster my Chair o’ Comfort, but after a recent stomach bug passed through the house, I decided this time in my life calls for slipcovers.

Custom Slipcover for Upholstered Chair -

I can’t really give a straight up tutorial on how to do this, because every chair is different. However, I will share a general overview of how I tackled it. I hope this can help you if you want to attempt it. [Read more...]

Hexy Clock [An Ikea Hack Tutorial]

Hexy Clock - an ikea hack tutorial by

The trouble with jumping on the hexy EPP bandwagon is that you start seeing hexagons everywhere – the tile on bathroom floors, road signs, honeycombs, and most recently… a picture of a clock in the new Ikea catalog.

smycke-wall-clock ikea

(Smycke Wall Clock, image from

This clock! Oh man, it isn’t just a hexagon decorated wall clock. the hexagons are REMOVABLE, and can be re-arranged any way your little hexy-lovin’ heart desires. Of course, the colors were a little too “Lego” for my taste.

Hexy Clock - an Ikea "Smycke" Wall Clock Hack by

… but it was nothing a little fabric couldn’t fix. Fabric makes everything better.

Hexy Clock - an Ikea "Smycke" Wall Clock Hack by

In this case, fabric makes it way… way… better.

how to hack it [Read more...]

My Handful – Embroidered Hand Print Pillow

handprint pillow by sew “Wow. You sure have your hands full!!”
How do you do it all?

To be honest, when I found out I was pregnant last summer, I really had no idea how I was going to “do it.” In fact, it seemed impossible, and I admit I was angry with God for asking me to do something that looked so impossible hard. [Read more...]

Pretty Painted Pegboard for Sewing Organization [How-To]

Vinny is 4 weeks old today. I’ve had a couple of lovely brief sewing sessions this last week when Vinny’s nap schedule has cooperated. Sewing helps me feel like myself again.


I realized that I never posted about the pegboard addition to my sewing room. If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you might have caught glimpses of it. However, because I luuuurv it, I wanted to give it the posting it deserved.

Pretty Up Your Pegboard with Paint! -

 TA DA!!!! Seriously, can it get any better than a happy-colored pegboard full of the tools and gadgets that make you happy? I’ve wasted many a minute, just looking at this pegboard smiling to myself for the happiness of finally having it on the wall. Maybe I should hang more them around the house… hmmm….

Here’s how it was made: [Read more...]

Basket Liners [Tutorial]

Lined Baskets Tutorial -

I wasn’t planning on making a tutorial for these basket liners. I’m tired, they aren’t particularly fancy or interesting, and I am distracted by baby-ness. BUT….My little sister requested one, and since she was sweet enough to thrift for baskets for me, I couldn’t say no to her. So here is the basic gist of it for you….

You will need:

  • a basket
  • fabric (I used muslin, and doubled up the lining to make it more opaque.)
  • 1/2″ elastic
  • the usual – thread, pins, etc….

It starts with a basket – handles removed.

thrift store basket - [Read more...]