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<a href="">Pom-Pom Garland</a>

On Pom-Poms and Experimenting

If I have learned one thing while sewing, it is that experimenting and risking failure is the only way to get better at something. I expected to get better at embracing risk in my sewing, and I have, but I am still surprised to find it is trickling over into other areas of my life. I’m finding […]

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<a href="">Little Flower Hat"</a>

Knit Flower Hat

  Okay, so this isn’t sewing, but knitting is pretty broken-leg friendly and I had some leftover yarn from my green knit hat last winter. Yarn: Shine Worsted in Macaw Pattern: Little Flower Hat  I’ve discovered that I need to have some sort of pattern in my knitting or else I get too bored. This flower took […]

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"Foilage" Knit Hat - Made by

Foliage Hat

This project is brought to you by the color Emerald.  I haven’t been much of a “green” person in the past, but there is something about Emerald that has won me over. It is so bright and happy and has enough blue undertones to please me. When I saw Emily’s gorgeous green hat on Instagram, […]

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Materials for Smycke Wall Clock hack -

Hexy Clock [An Ikea Hack Tutorial]

The trouble with jumping on the hexy EPP bandwagon is that you start seeing hexagons everywhere – the tile on bathroom floors, road signs, honeycombs, and most recently… a picture of a clock in the new Ikea catalog. (Smycke Wall Clock, image from This clock! Oh man, it isn’t just a hexagon decorated wall clock. […]

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leather play sword sheath - usage diagram -

Mother-Son Crafting: Homemade Leather Sword Sheath

 My boys acquired wooden swords at a medieval festival a couple of weeks ago. It was love at first fight and they have been planning epic battles and fighting bad guys daily since then. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Halloween features a sword-brandishing Batman and a shield-wielding Spiderman. Good times. It only took a day of witnessing Duncan’s frustration […]

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