Looking Back, Looking Forward: 2011 Recap and 2012 Goals

airplane softie

I don't know about you, but I don't really have time to do the processing and planning that the New Year encourages until Christmas is all the way over. On Sunday, we celebrated the feast of the Epiphany. Yesterday, I put away (most of) our decorations. Today, my new 2012 planner arrived in the mail. Finally, I am ready to look back on 2011 and start … [Read more...]

Balancing Acts

the girls

Foxhole Parenting. The Tunnel of Parenthood. I am told the first few years of parenthood, whatever you call them, are the hardest. All of your children are little, their physical needs great, and none of them are old enough to be a big help. Not that young children can't be helpful at all.  They can and should be helpful in small ways.  But now that … [Read more...]

Mini Smock Apron – Tutorial Modifications

side view

(Pssst... Have you voted yet today?) I made Gianna her first apron when she was just a little over a year old, and she has complained of it not fitting for a while now. I finally got around to making her a new one based off the "Best Worn Barefoot" smock apron. I have decided to take a baby-related hiatus from posting a new pattern/tutorial this … [Read more...]

“Flat Stack” Tissue Holder – The Tutorial

Sample Page

"MOMMY!!! I HAVE A BOOGER!" That has been the most common phrase spoken by my children since my eldest son entered preschool last fall.  It has been a looooong loooong cold and flu season in the Bonjour household. Noses don't stop dripping when we leave the house (if we leave the house) and I have taken to carrying large wads of tissues in my diaper … [Read more...]

“Best Worn Barefoot” Smock Apron – The Tutorial


Two more weeks. The time in pregnancy when nothing fits anymore but there isn't enough time left to make buying anything new worth it. Fortunately, there is at least one thing left that in the house that still fits me - my smock apron, and it's a good thing too because this beach ball under my shirt is always getting spilled on. I hesitate in calling … [Read more...]

“A Soft Landing” Airplane Softie – The PATTERN

materials needed for airplane softie

Well, here it is, folks! There long promised Airplane Softie Pattern! Just in time for "Celebrate the Boy" month, too. This project is a good one for overcoming your fears of curved seams and pins. I love sewing for children, because they don't care about the little imperfections. They will love it and you will feel awesome for having made it! … [Read more...]

Needle Book with Scissor Shield – The Pattern!

leather sources

I love these little 3 1/2" Embroidery Scissors for hand sewing and detailed cutting.  They are lovely and make me feel sophisticated when using them, and they are darn right handy for quick snips and hand sewing projects.  The problem is I always seem to be misplacing the tiny thing, or little hands try to steal them away when I am not looking.  For a … [Read more...]