2011 and Project 12

(Click on the picture for more details on each project.) Looking over my past year, I cannot believe how much I have grown as a sewist and all the credit goes towards my "Project 12" goals.  You will never improve yourself if you never challenge yourself.  Success requires risk.  Not all of my projects have become regulars in my wardrobe, but they … [Read more...]

Project 12 – December: Jalie 2804 Maternity Top

back adjustments

Talk about going out with a bang!  I couldn't be happier with the way my final "Project 12" project turned out. After scoping out various maternity patterns, I hit upon Jalie 2804.  It isn't a maternity pattern, but there is a link to Assorted Notions' maternity version on the product page. If found it difficult to splurge that much on a … [Read more...]

Project 12 – November: Megan Nielson Wrap Top

wrap - back

Wait!  How can it be December already?  I finished up my November Project 12 project Monday night, but couldn't snag my husband for a photo shoot until he was home for a quick lunch break today.  I imagine there are very few women whose husbands say "let me set up a couple of lights" when asked to take a picture of their latest sewing project. I love … [Read more...]

Project Piles

Joann's Fleece

I'm very slowly plugging away at my Christmas project list.  How is yours doing?  I have to admit I'm doing more complaining and worrying than doing.  I really can't believe how busy my life has become! And how tiring the "easy second trimester" can be.  I did finally get done with my November clothing project, but it won't be posted until later this … [Read more...]

Project 12 – September: Rollover Denim Skirt

Rollover Maternity Skirt

This project went through quite the evolution before I finished with it.  First, I wanted to make an Old Navy Rollover Skirt knock off with interlock instead of jersey. I was planning on using this beautiful full skirt as a starting point, but the interlock wasn't wide enough for the pattern.  Then, I bought a black stretch denim which I instantly … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Converting a Skirt Pattern to Maternity

waistband fabric closeup

I found luvinthemommyhood's Maternity Sewing Roundup to be invaluable in figuring out how to do this.  I read all of the pant and skirt links, but in particular I drew the most from the refashioned maternity skirt and the maternity jeans tutorials. I tried to convert my pattern by making measurements on some maternity pants, but it ended up getting too … [Read more...]

Project 12 – August: Mini Bloomer PJ Set

Bloomer and Top

That was a bit last-minute!  Although I am posting this in September, I did finish it the evening of the 31st. This month was a busy one with LOTS of traveling and after the effort of finishing up my July project I wanted something easy.  When I saw Dana's summer skirt, I thought I might be able to give "the ugly skirt one more go".  So I ripped … [Read more...]