I Spy A Hexy Quilt

Disclosure: Crafterhours‘ Susan provided one of the the I Spy charm packs to me. I was gonna buy it anyways though, but full disclosure ‘n’ all that, yo. I Spy Hexagon Quilt

It’s been a year. A YEAR! My baby is one, and for his gift, I gave him a quilt that was just shy of a year in the making.

I Spy Hexy Quilt

One hundred thirty-eight 2 1/4 inch hand-sewn hexagons. Now I know others have sewn hexagon quilts so much faster, but I only worked on it when I couldn’t get to my machine. I was trying to keep it a leisurely.

I Spy Hexagon Quilt

A purist would insist on quilting and finishing this blanket by hand as well, but, truth be told, I’m kinda done with hand piecing for a while. English Paper Piecing doesn’t fit the Go-Go-Go! speed of life now that Vinny is mobile and oodles of trouble.

Vinny and his I Spy Quilt

Crazy kid, he doesn’t sit still for a second.

Vinny and His Quily

So, with the quilt top done, I wanted to quilt and finish the blanket by machine, and I wanted to keep the hexagon edges, but without any binding.

Hexagon Quilt, back

I’ll share how I finished it in another post. [Edit: here it is!]

I Spy Quilt

In the meantime, happy birthday, kiddo! You definitely contribute to the crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vinny and His Quilt

Stay funky.

I Spy Hexagon Quilt

… fabrics used…

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Color Bar Quilt

Color Bar Quilt - sewn by sewfearless.com

I’m all fired up to finally share this quilt I made for Andy. Only a couple of peeks were shown on Instagram, and Andy had no clue this was waiting for him under the tree Christmas morning, which was pretty fun.

Color Bar Quilt - sewn by sewfearless.com

Andy is a ” Creative Director of Video Production” and his MFA is in video and poetry. In short, this was the perfect quilt pattern for him. Betz White’s pattern and color selection provided in We Love Color (affiliate link) came to together quickly and easily. ( I discovered this pattern through Betz White’s post about it on her blog.) I decided to not make it a “quillow” like in the book, but instead backed it in this funky camera print in Andy’s favorite color (Thr3e by Cosmo Cricket – Kodachrome in Clementine).

Color Bar Quilt - sewn by sewfearless.com

I stole the idea for the zig-zag quilting from Better Off Thread, and I would have enjoyed quilting it on my own machine if I wasn’t having so much trouble feeding the quilt through it. Maybe my batting (Warm & White) was too thick? Or my walking foot is broken? I can’t quite figure it out. I had to literally drag the quilt under the foot at some points and the stitch length varies like crazy. Up close it definitely looks like the amateur job that it is, but it will only bother me.

Color Bar Quilt - sewn by sewfearless.com

I’m so proud of my Video Guy, and I’m glad I finally finding some things to sew for him. (Other than mending, I mean.)



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The Rose Quilt – 9 Patches

Rose Quilt In Progress - 9 Patches for Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt - sewfearless.com

I post so many pictures of my “in progress” projects on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter that I feel silly writing “Work In Progress” posts.  I like recording the process for future reference and reminiscing though, like I did with Duncan’s Roads Quilt. [Read more...]

A “Rose Quilt” for Gianna

Stack of 6 inch squares "love and liberty" - SewFearless.com

I have been promising Gianna a quilt since I finished Duncan’s. I had promised myself (and her) that I would purchase the fabric after I had released the Mommy Poppins Bag pattern. It’s always nice to reward hard work with pretty fabric isn’t it?

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Hexagon I Spy Quilt: Keep on stitchin’

I Spy Quilt - SewFearless.com

Spring Weather = plenty of Hand Stitching Time in the yard while the kids play.

I Spy Hexagon Quilt - SewFearless.com

So much time, in fact, that I have all 56 hexagons attached to the quilt (some are not sewn all the way on yet). It certainly went faster than expected.  I think it needs just three more hexagons on the left side to balance it out properly. [Read more...]