A Quilt For Teacher

Baby Quilt for a Teacher

Normally, I don't do much for teacher gifts -  a little potted basil with a family recipe is my go-to. However, some teachers are just so amazing and loving that you want to do a little more, and when you have the perfect charm pack in your stash, and Amazing Teacher is expecting a baby, a baby quilt nearly makes itself. Quilt Top - "School Days" by … [Read more...]

How To Finish A Shaped Quilt Edge Without Binding

Hexagon quilt, finished edge, without binding tutorial

I made this English paper pieced hexagon quilt for my fifth-born child's first birthday. If I had more time, I would finished off the quilt edge by making a hexagon facing (see Bad Skirt for her drool worthy tutorial). However, his birthday was looming close and I needed a quicker method for finishing it off, but still keeping the wonderful jagged … [Read more...]

I Spy A Hexy Quilt

Vinny and His Quily

Disclosure: Crafterhours' Susan provided one of the the I Spy charm packs to me. I was gonna buy it anyways though, but full disclosure 'n' all that, yo. It's been a year. A YEAR! My baby is one, and for his gift, I gave him a quilt that was just shy of a year in the making. One hundred thirty-eight 2 1/4 inch hand-sewn hexagons. Now I know others … [Read more...]

Color Bar Quilt

Color bar Quilt

I'm all fired up to finally share this quilt I made for Andy. Only a couple of peeks were shown on Instagram, and Andy had no clue this was waiting for him under the tree Christmas morning, which was pretty fun. Andy is a " Creative Director of Video Production" and his MFA is in video and poetry. In short, this was the perfect quilt pattern for … [Read more...]

A “Rose Quilt” for Gianna

"Love and Liberty" Fabrics - SewFearless.com

I have been promising Gianna a quilt since I finished Duncan's. I had promised myself (and her) that I would purchase the fabric after I had released the Mommy Poppins Bag pattern. It's always nice to reward hard work with pretty fabric isn't it? Gianna has a sweet romantic heart and adores roses and pretty dainty things. She asked for her quilt … [Read more...]

Hexagon I Spy Quilt: Keep on stitchin’

I Spy Hexagon Quilt (WIP) - SewFearless.com

Spring Weather = plenty of Hand Stitching Time in the yard while the kids play. So much time, in fact, that I have all 56 hexagons attached to the quilt (some are not sewn all the way on yet). It certainly went faster than expected.  I think it needs just three more hexagons on the left side to balance it out properly. … [Read more...]

Making a Hexy Kit (The Hexagon I Spy Quilt Project)

Hexy Kit To Go - SewFearless.com

Just when I had thought I was getting a hang of the things, Vinny started to display a not-so-sweet personality. He is not quite colicky in the "inconsolably screamy" sort of way, but rather a "need to be constantly soothed (rocked, held, nursed, bounced, repeat, repeat, repeat...) and unable to sleep any amount of time on his own" way. This is his … [Read more...]