Sweet Relief

hexy quilt in progress

I had been running on pure adrenaline for so long that now that the figurative fire has been extinguished from under my family’s figurative butt at the beginning of December, I’ve been wandering around in a daze. You mean I have a husband on the weekends? You mean we aren’t spending every waking (and sleeping) moment worrying whether our collective superhuman efforts toward his schooling this past year, despite having moved , had a baby, Andy’s full-time job too, and parenting a handful of young children, was in vain? You mean he is done DONE? My poet, my love, will be smacking a big ol’ M-Freakin’-F-A onto his curriculum vitae in just a couple of short months.


oh sweet relief.

I want to coast for a while in this place. As we figure out what it’s like to be… normal, I’ve been taking it pretty easy in the sewing department – keeping Christmas projects to a minimum, postponing a stress-filled dress project, and picking up knitting needles again.


I like the idea of starting fresh this coming new year. I want to shift my focus back towards learning garment sewing, and now that I interact with you all in so many spaces (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) I am brainstorming how to best utilize each of those spaces to their advantage. For example, why make work-in-progress posts on the blog when I can share those fun steps on Instagram? Or how necessary is a regular posting schedule? These are things I am wondering as I avoid taking the time to photograph the few projects that I have completed recently.

felt stockings

I wish you all peace and joy this advent.

The Strong Female Character

Yesterday was Gianna’s birthday and I can’t believe what a beautiful and fascinating young lady she is becoming.  Yes, she is six years old, still a child, but grown up enough that I am getting a glimpse of the woman she is becoming. collage It brought me back to looking at these pictures of her and an article I read about “Strong Female Characters”in movies. [Read more...]

Surviving Sewing Summit With A Baby (and maybe thriving, too)

Or… How I Went To Sewing Summit and Didn’t Buy Fabric
Or… How I Went To Sewing Summit and Only Sewed Two Seams
Or… How I Went To Sewing Summit and Only Took Crappy iPad Photos

Was Sewing Summit really only last week? It feels like an eternity ago. I’m finally coming out of my jet-lag fog and am ready to put down some of my thoughts about the experience.

carseat in the hotel room

I’ll start by answering the questions that I have been asked over and over.

How did Vinny do? 
Did you enjoy Sewing Summit with a baby? [Read more...]

The Obligatory Google Reader Post

view from the jumpup

As you have probably heard a billion times already, Google Reader is shutting down July 1st. If you have been keeping up with Sew Fearless (or any other blogs) with that RSS reader, you need to subscribe to them some other way and soon.

Here are some options for this blog:

  • Feedly is an RSS reader just like Google Reader and it has a really simple migration process for moving your entire collection of blogs over from Google Reader. This is the option I went with. I’m not 100% happy with it yet, but it was the best option for me right now. Their app is super nice too.

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  • Bloglovin is another RSS option. They have a migration process as well. They tend to be more “picture” focused and I happen to dislike that they cut off the footer of my posts (which is how I give coupons to my readers). Like Feedly they have an app, and they also have the option to email you when your blogs are updated.

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  • Or, you can move away from RSS and subscribe to Sew Fearless by email by following this link .

There. That wasn’t so bad wasn’t it? Let me know if you have questions.

sneak peak

I’ll be seeing you early next week with a brand spanking new tutorial.

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