The “Get To Know Your Sewing Machine” Class

Teaching The "Get To Know Your Sewing Machine" Class - ebook review

I meant for there to a be a couple of posts between this one and my last, as it is becoming a kind of awkward groupie-like with two "I love Abby Glassenberg!" posts in a row. My apologies! I'll be able to get pictures of my last three #selfishsewing/#selfcaresewing projects someday when life and children cooperate. In the meantime, let's talk about this … [Read more...]

How This Dino Made Me Smile

Zipper-Mouthed Dinosaur Softie, sewn by

I am blessed beyond measure to have turned this sewing-blogging hobby of mine into a little business. I never would have dreamed that it would be possible when I committed to learning 7 years ago. However, Wednesday I was struck with a fear that maybe I just didn't enjoy sewing anymore. Every attempt was interrupted , and the pants sewing has been … [Read more...]

Millie the Mermaiden, Made by Gianna

Millie the Mermaiden by Gianna -

It took 2 years of it lying around the house before Gianna picked up Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love* and asked me to sew with her. It is totally surprising that it took so long, because if you have seen the book yourself, you know it is chock-full of totally adorable projects.   The project she fell in love with was "the Mermaiden". (You can … [Read more...]