Wonder Clips versus Binder Clips – The Showdown

wonder clips vs binder clips - the showdown at sewfearless.com

I have been using, and recommending,  binder clips as a sewing tool for a while now, but I hadn’t ever tried the Clover Wonder Clips* that the quilters and bag-makers like to rave about. (These clips are used to hold together layers that are too thick to pin, or when it would damage the material to pin it as in vinyl or leather, or to hold quilt binding in place while sewing.) To give them a fair chance, I procured a set. They’ve had a chance to duke it out in my sewing room for a couple of months now and this is how it went down…

wonder clips - sewfearless.com [Read more...]

Making a Hexy Kit (The Hexagon I Spy Quilt Project)

Hexy iSpy Quilt (WIP) - SewFearless.com

Just when I had thought I was getting a hang of the things, Vinny started to display a not-so-sweet personality. He is not quite colicky in the “inconsolably screamy” sort of way, but rather a “need to be constantly soothed (rocked, held, nursed, bounced, repeat, repeat, repeat…) and unable to sleep any amount of time on his own” way.

holding vinny - sewfearless.com

This is his favorite way of being held by me. Note how it is not even the slightest bit sweet or cuddly, and how there isn’t a baby carrier that can mimic this position. sigh.

With all sitting to hold and nurse the baby I have been doing, I decided to try my hands at learning how to “English Paper Piece” a baby quilt for the grumpy little man.

Hexy iSpy Quilt (WIP) - SewFearless.com [Read more...]

Pretty Painted Pegboard for Sewing Organization [How-To]

Vinny is 4 weeks old today. I’ve had a couple of lovely brief sewing sessions this last week when Vinny’s nap schedule has cooperated. Sewing helps me feel like myself again.


I realized that I never posted about the pegboard addition to my sewing room. If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you might have caught glimpses of it. However, because I luuuurv it, I wanted to give it the posting it deserved.

Pretty Up Your Pegboard with Paint! - SewFearless.com

 TA DA!!!! Seriously, can it get any better than a happy-colored pegboard full of the tools and gadgets that make you happy? I’ve wasted many a minute, just looking at this pegboard smiling to myself for the happiness of finally having it on the wall. Maybe I should hang more them around the house… hmmm….

Here’s how it was made: [Read more...]

DIY Pattern Weights – Ribbon Wrapped Washers

Ribbon Wrapped Washers for Pattern Weights - SewFearless.com

The last time I stopped by the hardware store I made sure to pick up some washers to use as pattern weights. So far, I have have been making do using cans, cups, silverware, wooden play blocks, and anything else that I could easily get my hands on. You can buy pattern weights, but I loved having prettier weights at only the fraction of the cost.  [Read more...]

5 Sewing Tools to Shop for at Back to School Sales

I can’t believe that “It’s that time of year.” Blech.  Duncan starts kindergarten next week and many other schools have started already.  Isn’t it supposed to still be spring?  Where did the summer go?

On the bright side, school means Back to School sales and I like to snatch up some handy-dandy sewing supplies while they are at rock bottom prices. Here are my Top 5 Sewing Tools to Shop for at Back to School Sales. (As a bonus, I’ve included a video on how I use one of them at the end of the post!)  [Read more...]