Organizing Your Sewing Patterns

Organized Storage of Sewing Patterns

I think I have finally figured it out. I have been struggling with storage for my sewing patterns since I started sewing, but I think I have finally found a simple and effective solution that I will be able to keep up with in the future. The gist of it is this: Only keep patterns that "spark joy." Put each pattern into a 10 by 13 manilla … [Read more...]

How to Pair Bag Fabrics and Interlinings

How to pair bag fabrics to interlinings for the better-than-basic bag

It's the end of the Better-Than-Basic Bag "Launch Week"! I hope you enjoyed my heavier-than-usual posting schedule, and found my posts helpful. I did want to cover one more topic before we end - pairing your bag fabrics with interfacings and interlinings! The Better-Than-Basic Bag calls for a heavy-weight fabric for the outer bag. Quilting … [Read more...]

How To Shop For Leather

the sew fearless guide to shopping for leather

When of the first questions I always get when I mention my leather sewing to others is "but where do you buy it?!" Living in a small town means I am limited to Jo-Ann Fabrics (which doesn't carry leathers) and the internet for my fabric shopping.  Fortunately, "the internet" has more and more options popping up every day. Lack of knowledge can be one … [Read more...]

How To Install A Magnetic Snap

how to install a pronged magnetic snap - a tutorial

The Better-Than-Basic Bag pattern assumes knowledge of how to install a pronged magnetic snap. If you have never installed a snap before, don't let that deter you! They are quick and easy, and today I will show you how! Even if you have installed one, read through and see how I make my snaps extra sturdy. There is very little more annoying then … [Read more...]

The Better-Than-Basic Bag Pattern Launch & Giveaway

The Better-Than-Basic Bag Pattern by

The Better-Than-Bag Pattern is now here and ready for sale! I couldn't be more excited to share this pattern with you. My goal in designing this pattern was to provide a great basic bag pattern that still pushed those that used it out of their sewing comfort zone to learn something new. The Better-Than-Basic Bag features a deep leather bag … [Read more...]

Knit Skinny Binding Tutorial

Knit Skinny Binding Tutorial

I'm in a desperate sewing frenzy right now. It suddenly feels like summer and I have discovered that I have no summer maternity wear. Last week, I cracked down and sewed myself five Jalie racerback tanks. Unfortunately, my photographer-in-residence is busy with end-of-the-semester stuff anyways and we haven't had a chance to photograph the tanks being … [Read more...]

5 Tools To Keep Sharp

5 sewing tools that dull and need sharpening or replacment

I changed out my rotary blade last night. Dude, I had not realized how dull it had gotten! I guess it's put in some great work this past few months,especially with the leather cutting it has been doing. It reminded me that rotary cutters aren't the only sewing tool that dulls with use. So let me pass on the friendly reminder to you! Here's a list of 5 … [Read more...]

Mega Eater (Pajama Eater)

"Mega Eater" - Twice the Size of a "Pajama Eater"

I didn't make very many presents this advent, but I have one sibling who will be receiving his very own Pajama Eater this Christmas. His Big Guy Sized pajamas needed a bigger monster to accommodate them. So I present to you... THE MEGA EATER Twice the monster, twice the fun (and twice the cuddle when it is sewn from "ultra cuddle" … [Read more...]