Knit Skinny Binding Tutorial

Knit Skinny Binding Tutorial

I'm in a desperate sewing frenzy right now. It suddenly feels like summer and I have discovered that I have no summer maternity wear. Last week, I cracked down and sewed myself five Jalie racerback tanks. Unfortunately, my photographer-in-residence is busy with end-of-the-semester stuff anyways and we haven't had a chance to photograph the tanks being … [Read more...]

5 Tools To Keep Sharp

5 sewing tools that dull and need sharpening or replacment

I changed out my rotary blade last night. Dude, I had not realized how dull it had gotten! I guess it's put in some great work this past few months,especially with the leather cutting it has been doing. It reminded me that rotary cutters aren't the only sewing tool that dulls with use. So let me pass on the friendly reminder to you! Here's a list of 5 … [Read more...]

Mega Eater (Pajama Eater)

"Mega Eater" - Twice the Size of a "Pajama Eater"

I didn't make very many presents this advent, but I have one sibling who will be receiving his very own Pajama Eater this Christmas. His Big Guy Sized pajamas needed a bigger monster to accommodate them. So I present to you... THE MEGA EATER Twice the monster, twice the fun (and twice the cuddle when it is sewn from "ultra cuddle" … [Read more...]

Miniature Vestments

Miniature Vestments

I don't often volunteer to do sewing projects for other people, but I was more than willing to make an exception for this project. We are so happy to have the "Catechisis of the Good Shepherd" catechism program available to our children. It is a program based of of the work Maria Montessori that guides the children on their spiritual path to knowing and … [Read more...]

How To Finish A Shaped Quilt Edge Without Binding

Hexagon quilt, finished edge, without binding tutorial

I made this English paper pieced hexagon quilt for my fifth-born child's first birthday. If I had more time, I would finished off the quilt edge by making a hexagon facing (see Bad Skirt for her drool worthy tutorial). However, his birthday was looming close and I needed a quicker method for finishing it off, but still keeping the wonderful jagged … [Read more...]

Reversible Leather & Cotton Belting Bag Handles [Tutorial]

Making a reversible leather and cotton belting bag handle -

mmmmhmmmm.... I had a babysitter over last Saturday to watch the kids while Andy put in his usual 12 hours of grad school homework. Best. Idea. Ever. My Saturday went from stinky to sublime. I walked out of my sewing room after an hour to nurse Vincent with a big goofy grin on my face and I asked the sitter if she had a hobby that makes her breathless … [Read more...]

Scribble ‘n’ Tote Lap Desk Tutorial (featuring Modern Yardage Fabrics)

Scribble 'n' Tote Lap Desk Materials -

Disclaimer: This post is part of a cross-promotion between myself and Modern Yardage. The fabric for this project was provided by Modern Yardage, but all content, tutorials, and opinions included in this post are my own. This is this summer's cure for long car rides and summer thunder storms. Clipboards turned into lap desks with the addition of a … [Read more...]