Reversible Leather & Cotton Belting Bag Handles [Tutorial]

Genuine Leather and Cotton Belting Bag Handle Tutorial -
mmmmhmmmm…. I had a babysitter over last Saturday to watch the kids while Andy put in his usual 12 hours of grad school homework. Best. Idea. Ever. My Saturday went from stinky to sublime. I walked out of my sewing room after an hour to nurse Vincent with a big goofy grin on my face and I asked the sitter if she had a hobby that makes her breathless with excitement. She looked at me funny and said no. I guess I didn’t find this one until I was grown-up, married, and growing a family, but it amuses me to remember there was  time when I wasn’t so ridiculously obsessed. (You mean there are people who AREN’T obsessed with things? weird.)

The Cheshire cat grin is due to some rather successful experimentation with a genuine sheepskin leather hide! I’m sin the process of making a leather accented Mommy Poppins Bag which I’ll fully reveal once I have finished the interior as well. In the meantime, want to learn how I made the leather handles shown above? Read on, my friend. [Read more...]

MORE Sewing Tools to Buy at Back To School Sales!

zipper pencil cases for the sewing room - sewfearless.comTwo years ago, I suggested 5 things to pick up for your sewing while shopping for school supplies. This year, I have two more things to add to that list. [Read more...]

Scribble ‘n’ Tote Lap Desk Tutorial (featuring Modern Yardage Fabrics)

Disclaimer: This post is part of a cross-promotion between myself and Modern Yardage. The fabric for this project was provided by Modern Yardage, but all content, tutorials, and opinions included in this post are my own.

The Scribble n Tote Lap Desk by - built in pencil case

This is this summer’s cure for long car rides and summer thunder storms.

The Scribble n Tote Lap Desk by -clipboard

Clipboards turned into lap desks with the addition of a squishy foam pillow back.

The Scribble n Tote Lap Desk by - squishy cushion

Everything has its place with a pocket for notepads and coloring books and a built-in pouch for pencils and crayons…

The Scribble n Tote Lap Desk by -  back pocket

and a handle for little hands to tote them around.

The Scribble n Tote Lap Desk by

These a really quick to sew up and I have included a detailed tutorial later in this post, but first let me talk about this crazy cute fabric I made these Scribble ‘n’ Totes with.

The Scribble n Tote Lap Desk by - stack of lap desks

This fabric is Wild Notion‘s Watercolor Geometrics Collection manufactured by Modern Yardage.  Modern Yardage is a new and very different fabric design and manufacturing company.

What’s so different about Modern Yardage?

They are a digital textile printing company. No, they are not yet another Spoonflower, printing their customer designs. Rather, they sell fabrics from collections made by a curated group of talented designers. Modern Yardage prints each piece of fabric as the customer orders it. Instead of gambling on what will sell and how much, they get to print just the right amount, and it gives the designers more flexibility in creating their collections and a quicker turnaround time from design to production. (More info here.)

modern yardage fabric

The second thing that sets Modern Yardage apart is their “margin” extras. Modern Yardage prints off their 44” wide quilting fabrics onto 60” wide pre-washed cottons. Holy Gigantic Selvage, Batman!? I know. I know. It seems crazy at first, but they are filling that additional space with “extras” – a note from the designer, fabric care instructions, swatches, etc. The way I see it, it is like buying a magazine with ads in it. It could be considered a waste of paper but it keeps the cost of the magazine down and the products advertised are often quite relevant to the readers. In the case of Modern Yardage, this “extra” fabric is still usable and in the following project I will show you how I used mine.

modern yardage fabric margin close up

Modern Yardage has me totally intrigued as a fabric production business model. I’m looking forward to seeing how their company grows and how this changes the industry.

Intriguing, no? Now, on to the project! [Read more...]

Basket Liners [Tutorial]

Lined Baskets Tutorial -

I wasn’t planning on making a tutorial for these basket liners. I’m tired, they aren’t particularly fancy or interesting, and I am distracted by baby-ness. BUT….My little sister requested one, and since she was sweet enough to thrift for baskets for me, I couldn’t say no to her. So here is the basic gist of it for you….

You will need:

  • a basket
  • fabric (I used muslin, and doubled up the lining to make it more opaque.)
  • 1/2″ elastic
  • the usual – thread, pins, etc….

It starts with a basket – handles removed.

thrift store basket - [Read more...]

For 1 Week Only! The Sew Fab e-Pattern Sale!!!! (Plus a Giveaway!)

This is it folks! The cat has finally been let out of the bag. Just take a minute to take a look over the pictures below…

… has it sunk in yet? good. because…

Today is the 1st day of the 1st ever Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale and giveaway, sponsored by The Southern Institute and Fat Quarter Shop!

Over the past eight weeks a lot of behind the scenes work has taken place to bring you this amazing bundle of ePatterns from several of the top pattern designers and bloggers in the sewing and blogging world. The result is a bundle of 18 PDF sewing patterns that you don’t want to miss.

Buy NowFor one week only, ten pattern designers have come together to bring you 18 of their best PDF patterns, valued together at over $139.00, for the incredible price of $24.95! That’s over 80% off of the combined retail value! Plus you can enter to win a dream of a giveaway valued at $390 from some really great shops!

For less than $25.00 you will have a library of resources that you can use over and over again. The designers that have joined this sale are experts in their craft. They have been sewing for a very long time and are well known in blogland and elsewhere. Each designer has contributed one or two of their favorite patterns to create a bundle that is sure to please! Whether you are sewing for your own family or making gifts for others, these are patterns that you will love to use.

If you’ve never sewn with a PDF pattern before, let me tell you how great it is! After downloading your pattern instructions and your pattern, you will print out the pattern itself, creating pattern tiles, if you will. Simply tape the tiles together to create the full pattern! At that point you can cut out the size that you need and pin the paper pattern directly to your fabric or you can trace the pattern size that you need onto sewing paper or tissue paper and cut it out, saving the paper pattern for later when you need to sew another size. Pdf patterns are so convenient because you can print them out as many times as you need!

Click here to buy the bundle!
Now let me tell you a little bit about the giveaway!

The Sew Fab Giveaway is amazing! One lucky winner will win a bunch of amazing prizes from Craftsy, Fat Quarter Shop, fabricworm, Jennifer’s Jewels Custom Labels on Etsy, Green Bee Patterns, author Deborah Moebes, Mee a Bee, Gussy Sews, I’m Feeling Crafty, and Ball and Chain on Etsy. See the end of the post for giveaway details. This giveaway is not to be missed!

I know you’re dying to know “What is included in the pattern bundle?”

18 well-loved ePatterns from 10 well-known designers are instantly accessible to you by PDF download upon purchase of the Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle. Here are the patterns that you will receive (click on the links below to see more details):

Goodship Dress by Circus Wear, Mommy & Mia Apron by Sew Much Ado, Ruby Lou Doll by Sew Much Ado, Mini Maxi Dress by Seamingly Smitten, Miss Mod Top by Seamingly Smitten, Love Your Lunch Box by Ginger Cakes, Modern Folksy Bunny by Ginger Cakes, Banyan Pants & Shorts by Figgy’s, Banyan Top & Tunic by Figgy’s, Go To Shift Dress by Go To Patterns, Go To Gift Bags by Go To Patterns, Sidekick Suitcase by Sew Fearless, Madeline Dress by Me Sew Crazy, Forget Me Knot Dress by Me Sew Crazy, Alex & Anna Summer PJs by Peekaboo Pattern Shop, Alex & Anna Winter PJs by Peekaboo Pattern Shop, Commuter Cowl by luvinthemommyhood, Scirocco Dress by Figgy’s

The Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle is only available for one week and will never be available again! You can purchase the bundle from February 4th at 8 a.m. EST through February 11th at 8 a.m. EST and there will be no late sales offered. Due to the nature of the sale there will be no refunds offered. [Read more...]