How To Finish A Shaped Quilt Edge Without Binding

I Spy Hexy Quilt

I made this English paper pieced hexagon quilt for my fifth-born child’s first birthday. If I had more time, I would finished off the quilt edge by making a hexagon facing (see Bad Skirt for her drool worthy tutorial). However, his birthday was looming close and I needed a quicker method for finishing it off, but still keeping the wonderful jagged edges.

Hexagon quilt, finished edge, without binding tutorial

So, instead, I mashed up Red Pepper Quilts “A Quilt Without Binding” method and the facing method from Going Home To Roost’s Honey Pot Quilt pattern. I’m no quilting expert, but this method should work for any shaped edge English Paper Pieced quilt.For The Sake Of Science, I’ll share my method here.

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Place mats

I love when I can conceive of, plan, and make a project all in one day.  This was one of those projects.

The kids have been driving me crazy with the precarious placement of the cups – especially as little Gianna graduates into a “big girl cup”.  They did not understanding that cups should be placed ABOVE their plate, not in front of it.  So I came up with this idea to show them everything has a proper place at the table.

The place mats were super easy to make, the place setting appliques less so.  The  finished measurements are 13″x18″ (14×19 before sewing) . I used home dec fabric for the green one and quilting cotton for the navy blue.  The quilting cotton wasn’t heavy enough so I sandwiched a piece of sew-in interfacing.

Then I traced around a cup, a small plate, a set of silverware, and a triangle for the napkin onto the paper backing of the new-sew adhesive.  Cut out shapes.  Iron onto fabric scraps.  Cut out fabric.  Peel off paper backing and iron onto placemats.

I am worried how the applique will hold up.  It seems like it might be peeling already. The kids like to pick at it.  So I will probably have to run some stitch around the edge to make it last through the wash.

The kids LOVE them.  I love them.  Andy loves them.  So I will probably make more. When I do, I’ll take pictures for a little tutorial.

UPDATE: The iron on adhesive isn’t holding up.  I had to sew them down.

Link Love!

I like to do my internetting while my son is nursing…  and he has been nursing a lot lately.  I stumbled on these two great resources in the last few days.

Picking Up Threads:  Sewing tutorials all in one place.  genius.

Notable Notions: A ton of information about all the notions you were wondering about.  Their flickr photostream makes me want to move to Austin just to be able to hang out with these ladies.

nursing cover

nursing cover

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A nursing cover for a friend of a friend. :)

Again with the taking pictures at night…. The color is so much better than in this picture.

WIP: Canopy!

HOORAY! I’ve sewn on the shingles on!  It’s looking so good. :) Sorry for the quality of the photo. I have to work on it when the kids are sleeping, because it is a birthday surprise.

So… here are the shingles all cut out and ready to go.  The small shingles are my first attempt.  I then realized it would be impossible to sew on the number of shingles required for that size.

After doing some test layouts, I decided to space the rows 5 inches apart.

Here it is hanging on the clothesline when halfway done…