Sharing Sewing Moments

Ziggi Moto jacket - in progress

I’ve been writing about my projects on this blog for a good number of years now, and I used to write posts giving little updates of my “Works In Progress.” Since then, Social Media has exploded, and I’ve found that these little snippets feel more at home as updates on those channels. There is something so great about being to share these sewing moments as they happen, because no one else at home is going to appreciate a beautifully top-stitched seam quite like my sewing friends do.


If you follow me in any of those places already, you would have seen that I have a couple of big projects that I am working my way through these days – a jacket, pants which I failed to complete for March (ooops!), and my next sewing pattern. I’ll post about all these things on the blog when I have something more substantial to share. (It won’t be too long. I should have my jacket it done within a week, I hope.)

leather color blocked tote

In the meantime, if you want little snippets about my projects, I am actively posting them in these places:




Do you use a flavor of social media to share your Sewing Moments too? I would love to see what you are up to! Tell me where I can find you in the comments of this post. If not, what are you working on these days?


The Rose Quilt – 9 Patches

Rose Quilt In Progress - 9 Patches for Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt -

I post so many pictures of my “in progress” projects on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter that I feel silly writing “Work In Progress” posts.  I like recording the process for future reference and reminiscing though, like I did with Duncan’s Roads Quilt. [Read more...]

A “Rose Quilt” for Gianna

Stack of 6 inch squares "love and liberty" -

I have been promising Gianna a quilt since I finished Duncan’s. I had promised myself (and her) that I would purchase the fabric after I had released the Mommy Poppins Bag pattern. It’s always nice to reward hard work with pretty fabric isn’t it?

Gianna and Her Quilt Fabric -

Gianna has a sweet romantic heart and adores roses and pretty dainty things. She asked for her quilt to be a “rose quilt”. [Read more...]

Hexagon I Spy Quilt: Keep on stitchin’

I Spy Quilt -

Spring Weather = plenty of Hand Stitching Time in the yard while the kids play.

I Spy Hexagon Quilt -

So much time, in fact, that I have all 56 hexagons attached to the quilt (some are not sewn all the way on yet). It certainly went faster than expected.  I think it needs just three more hexagons on the left side to balance it out properly. [Read more...]

Making a Hexy Kit (The Hexagon I Spy Quilt Project)

Hexy iSpy Quilt (WIP) -

Just when I had thought I was getting a hang of the things, Vinny started to display a not-so-sweet personality. He is not quite colicky in the “inconsolably screamy” sort of way, but rather a “need to be constantly soothed (rocked, held, nursed, bounced, repeat, repeat, repeat…) and unable to sleep any amount of time on his own” way.

holding vinny -

This is his favorite way of being held by me. Note how it is not even the slightest bit sweet or cuddly, and how there isn’t a baby carrier that can mimic this position. sigh.

With all sitting to hold and nurse the baby I have been doing, I decided to try my hands at learning how to “English Paper Piece” a baby quilt for the grumpy little man.

Hexy iSpy Quilt (WIP) - [Read more...]