Tips for Working with Ultra Cuddle Fleece – Car Seat Wrap, Boppy Cover

Tips for working with Ultra Cuddle -

I am finally making headway on some baby projects, and just as I had hoped they are helping my heart prepare for my little boy. To be honest, I was a bit of emotional wreck last week. Andy was away for school, and although I had plenty of help caring for the kids, I felt so raw and vulnerable in my greatly pregnant state. As soon as he arrived back home and I was able to pull out some baby things, I felt my spirit relax and flutters excitement creep in. You guys, I’M HAVING A BABY! SOON!!

Project #1: A Car Seat Wrap

Ultra Cuddle/Flannel Car Seat Wrap -
I made a car seat blanket out of flannel and “ultra cuddle” fleece following the directions found at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. It’s a very simple straight-forward project that I, of course, turned complicated by using a trickier fabric. (The tutorial uses two layers of flannel.) On the plus side, I learned a lot and now I have some tips to share!  [Read more...]