Sweet Relief


I had been running on pure adrenaline for so long that now that the figurative fire has been extinguished from under my family’s figurative butt at the beginning of December, I’ve been wandering around in a daze. You mean I have a husband on the weekends? You mean we aren’t spending every waking (and sleeping) moment worrying whether our collective … [Read more...]

Attack of the Pajama Eaters 2012!


I want to thank you all for your sweet comments and encouragement on my last, rather depressing, post. I like to keep it real as much as I am able on this blog and sharing my "failures", while a little scary, was incredibly cathartic. Now that I've processed through the disappointments, I am able to get back to the heart of this holy time. That being … [Read more...]

I Am Failing At Christmas

Family Photo - Fall 2012

I am failing at Christmas. There will be no Christmas Cards sent, cookie exchanges attended, nor thoughtful packages of cookies distributed to new neighbors. No Christmas lights have been hung on our house, or adorable DIY wreath on our door. I only have 3 stockings for my 4 children, and I hate them (the stockings, not the kids). I am failing at … [Read more...]

Giving the Gift of Sewing to a Child

fabric for kids sewing - sewfearless.com

Not content with brainwashing my own children into loving sewing, this Christmas I've decided reach out to my nieces, aged 7 and 9, as well. For their gift, I've put together a complete sewing kit. In my mind, this will make me the coolest auntie ever. I hope the girls (and their mom) agree. We shall see. … [Read more...]

Christmas Bathrobes

woohoo! More Christmas presents finished up! These I can share because I don't think any of my kids are subscribed to my blog. heh. If I keep sewing at this rate, maybe I will have time to get around to making some stockings this year. (Please? )   I know Christmas PJs are a pretty common gift, but I happen to be a fan of Christmas Bathrobes. They … [Read more...]

Five Lil’ Pickles

Pickle Ornaments, made by sewfearles.com, designed by Abby Glassenberg

Normally, I would keep my Christmas gift crafting under wraps, but in the case of these pickle ornaments, I just had to share. Don't they make you giggle? Why you ask? Um... Why Not? And there is a fun little tradition where you hide a pickle ornament on your Christmas tree for your holiday guests to find. Silly good times. Want to make some of … [Read more...]

Getting A Sewing Buzz (Mommy’s Poppins Bag V2)

Mommy's Poppins Bag - Version 2 - inside - sewfearless.com

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend (or just a lovely regular ol' weekend). After spending far more time than I like in the kitchen, I needed to de-stress with some happy-making sewing (and pie, lots and lots of pie). I am now flying off a major sewing buzz over this thing of beauty. ...like I said... SEWING BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!  This is my … [Read more...]

Sewn Scrapbooking Paper Advent Calendar

Sewn Scrapbooking Paper Advent Calendar - SewFearless.com

i.e. How To Get Rid Of Lots Of The Halloween Candy Without Being A Big Meanie' Yes, it still feels a tad bit early for Christmas crafts AND I am not even that big on "Christmas Crafts" or even "Crafts" in general, but, holy cannoli, the Halloween candy situation has gotten desperate around here. I need to get this candy away from me the kids. In a … [Read more...]