Tiny Sewists

G is proud of herself

I’m guest posting at A Jennuine Life today, sharing one of my kid’s sewing tips for her Tiny Sewists Series.

Tiny Sewists Series

Gianna used this tip to sew herself a pair of fleece pajama pants, with a little help of course.

fleece pajama pants

If you are new here, you might enjoy some of these past kid-made sewing projects.
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Tips for Working with Ultra Cuddle Fleece – Car Seat Wrap, Boppy Cover

Tips for working with Ultra Cuddle - SewFearless.com

I am finally making headway on some baby projects, and just as I had hoped they are helping my heart prepare for my little boy. To be honest, I was a bit of emotional wreck last week. Andy was away for school, and although I had plenty of help caring for the kids, I felt so raw and vulnerable in my greatly pregnant state. As soon as he arrived back home and I was able to pull out some baby things, I felt my spirit relax and flutters excitement creep in. You guys, I’M HAVING A BABY! SOON!!

Project #1: A Car Seat Wrap

Ultra Cuddle/Flannel Car Seat Wrap - SewFearless.com
I made a car seat blanket out of flannel and “ultra cuddle” fleece following the directions found at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. It’s a very simple straight-forward project that I, of course, turned complicated by using a trickier fabric. (The tutorial uses two layers of flannel.) On the plus side, I learned a lot and now I have some tips to share!  [Read more...]

Giving the Gift of Sewing to a Child

Not content with brainwashing my own children into loving sewing, this Christmas I’ve decided reach out to my nieces, aged 7 and 9, as well. For their gift, I’ve put together a complete sewing kit. In my mind, this will make me the coolest auntie ever. I hope the girls (and their mom) agree. We shall see. [Read more...]

Christmas Bathrobes

More Christmas presents finished up! These I can share because I don’t think any of my kids are subscribed to my blog. heh. If I keep sewing at this rate, maybe I will have time to get around to making some stockings this year. (Please? )


I know Christmas PJs are a pretty common gift, but I happen to be a fan of Christmas Bathrobes. They get more use in my house. [Read more...]

Getting A Sewing Buzz (Mommy’s Poppins Bag V2)

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend (or just a lovely regular ol’ weekend). After spending far more time than I like in the kitchen, I needed to de-stress with some happy-making sewing (and pie, lots and lots of pie). I am now flying off a major sewing buzz over this thing of beauty.

…like I said…
SEWING BUZZ!!!!!!!!!! 

This is my second Mommy’s Poppins Bag. This go-around, I took photos of the process for the forthcoming pattern. Yes, it has been a long time coming, but pattern writing always takes eons longer than I expect. If you go by ikat bag’s pattern writing steps, I’m only on step 11 or 12 of 30. I hope to have this thing done B.B. (Before Baby), but right now Christmas is getting in the way.

I am spending my evenings elbow deep in fleece sewing up bathrobes for my kids and getting all weepy over how long the robes for my older two are. I am basically weepy over anything involving children and babies these days. Big Hormonal Mess over here.

What’s on your sewing table? Any recent finishes? Or are you just diving in to Christmas projects?