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<a href="http://sewfearless.com/2014/03/06/gauze-swaddle-blankets/">Gauze Swaddle Blankets</a>

Gauze Swaddle Blankets

They didn’t have these fantastic lightweight swaddles when I first started having babies (dude, that makes me sound so old!), but I can see why they are all the rage with the new moms these days. Large enough for a decent swaddle, but breathable for the summer months. The fabric is “Island Breeze Gauze” at […]

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Attack of the Pajama Eaters 2012!

I want to thank you all for your sweet comments and encouragement on my last, rather depressing, post. I like to keep it real as much as I am able on this blog and sharing my “failures”, while a little scary, was incredibly cathartic. Now that I’ve processed through the disappointments, I am able to […]

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Christmas Bathrobes

Christmas Bathrobes

woohoo! More Christmas presents finished up! These I can share because I don’t think any of my kids are subscribed to my blog. heh. If I keep sewing at this rate, maybe I will have time to get around to making some stockings this year. (Please? )   I know Christmas PJs are a pretty […]

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<a href="http://sewfearless.com/2011/07/14/embroidered-needle-book/">Embroidered Needlebook</a>

Embroidered Needle Book

I dropped this little pretty in the mail this morning for a friend of mine. It is a vegan-friendly twist on my Needle Book project. The embellishments are what makes these needle books special. For this one, I decided to try my hand at embroidery.  It has been a long time since my days of […]

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