Gauze Swaddle Blankets

Gauze Baby Swaddle Blankets

They didn’t have these fantastic lightweight swaddles when I first started having babies (dude, that makes me sound so old!), but I can see why they are all the rage with the new moms these days. Large enough for a decent swaddle, but breathable for the summer months.

Gauze Baby Swaddle Blankets

The fabric is “Island Breeze Gauze” at, and there are some really fabulous colors there as of this posting. They are just a hemmed rectangle the full width of the yardage (52″) by roughly a yard and a half. (I followed Dana’s guidance as far as hemming goes. No need to iron this wrinkly stuff.)

Gauze Baby Swaddle Blankets

Baby gifts are always so simple to make, that they are almost embarrassing to give. (Here you go, I made you some fabric rectangles! I hope you like them!)

But then again, babies’ needs are so simple that the simple gift is the most appropriate. Isn’t it?

My Handful – Embroidered Hand Print Pillow

handprint pillow by sew “Wow. You sure have your hands full!!”
How do you do it all?

To be honest, when I found out I was pregnant last summer, I really had no idea how I was going to “do it.” In fact, it seemed impossible, and I admit I was angry with God for asking me to do something that looked so impossible hard. [Read more...]

Attack of the Pajama Eaters 2012!

Funky Monster -

I want to thank you all for your sweet comments and encouragement on my last, rather depressing, post. I like to keep it real as much as I am able on this blog and sharing my “failures”, while a little scary, was incredibly cathartic. Now that I’ve processed through the disappointments, I am able to get back to the heart of this holy time.

That being said…
I did manage to finish up a few more gifts – including these four Pajama Eaters.

Four Pajama Eaters - [Read more...]

Christmas Bathrobes

More Christmas presents finished up! These I can share because I don’t think any of my kids are subscribed to my blog. heh. If I keep sewing at this rate, maybe I will have time to get around to making some stockings this year. (Please? )


I know Christmas PJs are a pretty common gift, but I happen to be a fan of Christmas Bathrobes. They get more use in my house. [Read more...]

Getting A Sewing Buzz (Mommy’s Poppins Bag V2)

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend (or just a lovely regular ol’ weekend). After spending far more time than I like in the kitchen, I needed to de-stress with some happy-making sewing (and pie, lots and lots of pie). I am now flying off a major sewing buzz over this thing of beauty.

…like I said…
SEWING BUZZ!!!!!!!!!! 

This is my second Mommy’s Poppins Bag. This go-around, I took photos of the process for the forthcoming pattern. Yes, it has been a long time coming, but pattern writing always takes eons longer than I expect. If you go by ikat bag’s pattern writing steps, I’m only on step 11 or 12 of 30. I hope to have this thing done B.B. (Before Baby), but right now Christmas is getting in the way.

I am spending my evenings elbow deep in fleece sewing up bathrobes for my kids and getting all weepy over how long the robes for my older two are. I am basically weepy over anything involving children and babies these days. Big Hormonal Mess over here.

What’s on your sewing table? Any recent finishes? Or are you just diving in to Christmas projects?