Pina Nightie

Pina Nightie - Sewn by

I think photos of yourself in a nightgown is probably the third most awkward thing to post on the internet, behind underwear and swimsuits.  Or maybe closeup shots of your clothes-fitting woes bumps it down to fourth place?  (Awkward in that I feel weird and self-conscious doing it. I wish I was a sewing body-positive rockstar, but I am still working my way there.) Family life has kept me from sewing much of anything worth sharing lately, and now is a good as time as any to share this project.

Pina Nightie - Sewn by

(barefoot and not pregnant)

I thought Megan Neilson’s Pina maternity dress would make for a flirty, but not embarrassing for my children and yet still practical for nursing, nightgown. Then this blue leopard print caught my eye in the clearance fabric bin. I was a HUGE leopard print girl in my college years and I kinda miss it? Pairing up the leopard print with the saucy plunging neckline of the Pina was so obvious I couldn’t not sew it. [Read more...]

Stretch Yourself: Working With Stretch Lace

stretch yourself header

Welcome to Sew Fearless! This post is part of the “Stretch Yourself” Series hosted by Mad Mim and One Little Minute. The topic today is STRETCH LACE and I get to have the pleasure of joining in on the fun. Be sure to check out my fellow Guest Contributor of the Day, Novita of Very Purple Person too!
Lace Drape Cardigan by [includes tips on how to sew stretch lace] I went to the store with thinking about a funky printed draped cardigan thingy, but once this ethereal drapey-ness caught my eye all other plans went flying out the window. Never mind that I have never sewn lace before. It. Needed. To. Happen.

Lace Drape Cardigan by [includes tips on how to sew stretch lace]

And happen it did, but not before there was a good amount of dragging of feet out of fear that it wouldn’t turn out quite right and not being sure of how to tackle the whole thing. All that’s over now. boo-freakin’-ya!

Lace Drape Cardigan by [includes tips on how to sew stretch lace]

Pattern: Simplicity 2603, View D (sleeves extended)
Size: Medium, let out to Large for hips at side seams
Material: Sew Classic Knits Ivory Stretch Lace from Joann’s
(p.s. my bump is a bout 4 weeks bigger than this now, much much bigger)

What’s all this have to do with sewing with knits and the rest of the “Stretch Yourself” series? Well… stretch lace and knits share many of the same properties, and, like knits, it turns out the stretch lace isn’t as scary as one would think. I’ve even done the experimentation and research so you don’t have to. Let’s do this thing!

Tips and Tricks for working with Stretch Lace - [Read more...]

SHMWC PROJECT #3: Maxi Skirt Fail

It’s okay to quit.

While I was letting the frustrating tunic top cool off, I decided to tackle what I thought would be an easy-peasy project – the over-bump maxi from my Maternity Wardrobe plan. What could be more straight forward than a couple of rectangles sewn together? Never mind I have disliked every dirndl skirt I’ve tried on!

Besides, I found the most amazingly colored fake-dupioni in the clearance bin. So, it would probably be different this time around… [Read more...]

SHMWC PROJECT #2: Maternity Tunic/Dress (McCall’s 6347)

I have been getting all antsy and grumpy from sewing deprivation.The sewing room was not set up yet, but I decided to throw practicality to the wind and start taking over the rest of the house. I know! A whole room to myself and I was still ironing in the kitchen and dropping pins all over the living room. We do what we have got to do.

Besides, I am RUNNING OUT OF TIME to sew maternity clothes. Seriously, how am I already 20 weeks?

Unfortunately, the chosen project left me feeling deflated. McCall’s 6347 was easy enough to sew, but it looked a bit too 80′s / Giant Tent / And Seriously How Has My Butt Gotten So Big. Meh.   [Read more...]

SHMWC Project #1: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Matern-ifying Pants

Is it bad for me to admit to owning jeggings? Is it a fashion faux pas? I bought them on a whim and then forgot to return them when I discovered that they reveal waaaaaayyyyyy more woman than I am comfortable with. Then I discovered that they are comfy, and then I started to wear them with a short dress, and I realized they did a great job covering my grandma pantyhose. (waaaahhhhhh!!! Please tell me I’m not the only 29-year-old on the planet who has to wear these nasty things when pregnant!)

Also exciting, they still fit me. Well, they used to.

um… yeah. It’s time to kick off my Semi-Handmade Maternity Wardrobe Challenge and I am starting with the seriously easy jegging makeover!

[Read more...]