MORE Sewing Tools to Buy at Back To School Sales!

zipper pencil cases for the sewing room - Two years ago, I suggested 5 things to pick up for your sewing while shopping for school supplies. This year, I have two more things to add to that list. [Read more...]

Pretty Painted Pegboard for Sewing Organization [How-To]

Vinny is 4 weeks old today. I’ve had a couple of lovely brief sewing sessions this last week when Vinny’s nap schedule has cooperated. Sewing helps me feel like myself again.


I realized that I never posted about the pegboard addition to my sewing room. If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you might have caught glimpses of it. However, because I luuuurv it, I wanted to give it the posting it deserved.

Pretty Up Your Pegboard with Paint! -

 TA DA!!!! Seriously, can it get any better than a happy-colored pegboard full of the tools and gadgets that make you happy? I’ve wasted many a minute, just looking at this pegboard smiling to myself for the happiness of finally having it on the wall. Maybe I should hang more them around the house… hmmm….

Here’s how it was made: [Read more...]

Rubbermaid Bento Storage Boxes Review and Giveaway

Apparently, this “little blog” of mine has gotten to the point where I am being contacted by various companies asking for product reviews and things. This is very flattering for me, but it also puts me in a tricky spot. I don’t want to be “that blog”. You know the one – The Sell Out Blog. The blog that I drop because they have become a marketing tool and I can’t trust their advice anymore. icky icky. Also, it stresses me out to read advice from “The Really Big Bloggers” about how you need to get fair compensation for working with companies, because when you don’t you are hurting other bloggers. Then there is some legal dispute over how to run a “sweepstakes” sigh. It is one big murky mess.

So, I am embarking on this very first full-fledged review post (plus giveaway) with some trepidation. I would value your feedback (send me an email!) about how you feel about reviews and giveaways popping up on this blog. I will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS disclose my relationships with companies. (It’s the law after all.) If this doesn’t work out and you hate it, you won’t see this kind of thing again. deal? 

here goes… 


Disclosure: I was given a set of Rubbermaid Bento storage boxes for review. I was not compensated for the content of this review or for hosting this giveaway. All thoughts, writing and opinion in the post are my own. But hey, they gave me free bins. So, I guess you should take this with grain of salt.

Last month, I talked about making time to sew and the importance of gathering your supplies together in preparation for those sacred sewing moments. In that post, I showed you a peak at a lovely bin holding all of the supplies for a  Mommy’s Poppins bag.

[Read more...]

A Sneaky Peaky of the New Sewing Room! [vlog]

Phew. Thank you for understanding this bloggy-break. Moving is NUTS! We tossed most of our belongings on a truck last Saturday and officially started the next phase of our lives residing at “Chez Bonjour”. I’ve been in a surreal exhausted haze since then.  [Read more...]

Swap-Out Bin Tags

Are any of you bin-loving, organization junkies?  I am, at least in theory. Bins don’t stay on the shelf very long in our living room.  I’ve tried a number of toy organization and labeling methods, but interests shift and toys rotate frequently, making my hard work obsolete. So this try, I wanted something more flexible. [Read more...]