Pretty Painted Pegboard for Sewing Organization [How-To]

Painted Pegboard How To

Vinny is 4 weeks old today. I've had a couple of lovely brief sewing sessions this last week when Vinny's nap schedule has cooperated. Sewing helps me feel like myself again. I realized that I never posted about the pegboard addition to my sewing room. If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you might have caught glimpses of it. However, … [Read more...]

Rubbermaid Bento Storage Boxes Review and Giveaway

Rubbermaid Bento Box as toddler bench -

Apparently, this "little blog" of mine has gotten to the point where I am being contacted by various companies asking for product reviews and things. This is very flattering for me, but it also puts me in a tricky spot. I don't want to be "that blog". You know the one - The Sell Out Blog. The blog that I drop because they have become a marketing tool … [Read more...]

Swap-Out Bin Tags


Are any of you bin-loving, organization junkies?  I am, at least in theory. Bins don't stay on the shelf very long in our living room.  I've tried a number of toy organization and labeling methods, but interests shift and toys rotate frequently, making my hard work obsolete. So this try, I wanted something more flexible. … [Read more...]