The “Manly Poppins” – a DIY Camera Bag

Waxed Canvas and Leather "Manly Poppins" Camera Bag - using the Mommy Poppins Bag pattern

Do you sew for your man? I must admit that I don’t very often. We planned this project so long ago, that I can’t remember if he asked for a camera bag, or if I offered to make one. But at some point I did promised and then it took an embarrassingly long time to follow through. (Sorry, honey!)

Waxed Canvas and Leather "Manly Poppins" Camera Bag - using the Mommy Poppins Bag pattern

The goal was to start with my Mommy Poppins Bag pattern (available here!), but “man it up” and outfit it for a camera bag.

Waxed Canvas and Leather "Manly Poppins" Camera Bag - using the Mommy Poppins Bag pattern

This “Manly Poppins” bag is made of waxed canvas (my DIY waxed canvas experience is detailed here) with genuine sheepskin leather accents. The interior is lined with foam padding with foam inserts for customizing the camera gear arrangement. [Read more...]

Matching Bag Set

Mommy Poppins Bag and Wallet, designed by

I think I finally figured out why I love making bags so much. Bags have the pleasurable challenge of 3D design without the body image crap that always comes up when I sew clothes. Planning and executing is a sure stress reducer for me and pre-Sewing Summit jitters resulted in these two Sacks o’ Happy – another Mommy Poppins Bag and a clutch wallet of my own creation. Well…. I didn’t finish the wallet in time to bring it with me, but I had it 90% done before I left and finished it up soon after I got back. [Read more...]

An (in)Finite Sweater

Disclosure: As a contributing designer to the Sew Fab Sale, I received received copies of all the patterns, including the one mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Edit: the sale is now over.

Infinity Sweater by Sewn by  One of the best parts of being part of the Sew Fab pattern bundle is that I got to get my mitts on some of the loveliest patterns out there. This one is the Infinity Sweater by OneGirlCircus. (As of this posting, it is only available in the bundle.)

Infinity Sweater by Sewn by

It is a great quickie project / beginner pattern. It boasts only 3 pattern pieces and no hemming. I had some help with the kids on Saturday and was able to bang out the sweater in an hour and a half from first cut to last seam. An hour and a half!!!! I mean I know I’m much more efficient at sewing without the kids around, but dang…. [Read more...]

Self Drafted Maxi Skirts

Self Drafted Jersey Maxi Skirt by Sew

It’s been 3 months since I made my first of three self-drafted maxi skirts. Nothing was fitting, it was getting hot, maxi skirts seemed like a good solution. I was surprised by just how easy it was to draft my own pattern based on my body measurements. For serious! It turns out drafting an a-line skirt is just about one of the easiest things ever. [Read more...]

“Tumble Tee” Pattern Test

Tumble Tee, sewn by

The problem with asking my husband to take a picture of a shirt I made is that he is more likely to take pictures of the pretty girl wearing it than the shirt itself. Or rather, it’s not a problem, because I wouldn’t ever want my children’s clothing to distract from the child herself. [Read more...]