An Elephant from “Stuffed Animals”

Elephant from "Stuffed Animals" by Abby Glassenberg, sewn by

It feels like a lifetime ago that Abby Glassenberg put out a request for pattern testers for her book “Stuffed Animals: From Concept to Construction*.” Soon after, I was stitching up this cutie-patoot elephant. I was thrilled to death with how he turned out, but I had to keep him a secret until the book release (which was this week)! Two-ish years of keeping quiet about a project? Do you realize how hard it was? It nearly killed me! [Read more...]

iPad Mini Sleeve featuring HGTV Home Decor Fabrics

iPad Mini Sleeve -

Remember the “Geek-Chic iPad Case” I made? And how I wish I had an iPad so I could keep it for myself? Well, now I have one of the “Mini” variety, and when I was offered the opportunity to try out some of Jo-Ann Fabrics’ new HGTV line of home decor fabrics, it seemed like the perfect use for them.  [Read more...]

The Best of Sew Fearless from 2012

Sewing at Night -

So that is that then – the end of 2012, a year full of unexpected twists and turns and lots of readjusting and re-prioritizing.

A year that brought with it a new baby - wonder woman knocked up

… and a new sewing room. Sewing Room - view from the door

…and, consequently, a lot less sewing than I would have liked. Be that as it may, I am going to choose to remind myself of the things I did accomplish this year. [Read more...]

Geek-Chic iPad Case / “A Bag For All Reasons” Book Review / Giveaway!

When I got asked to review Lisa Lam’s second bag making book, A Bag for All Reasons, I nearly peed my pants with excitement. I am the biggest fangirl of Lisa and credit her for my bag-making fearlessness. The first example being the gathered purse frame clutch I made way back in 2010.

It wouldn’t be a true “book review” though without actually sewing up something from the book. (Like I really needed to give myself an excuse sew a bag.) So, despite my glaring lack of an iPad (wah!!), I picked her shnazzed-up “Geek Chic iPad Case“. I will be sending a friend a very happy package when I am done writing this post.  Before I get into the project details, let’s talk about A Bag for All Reasons.

Just a heads up: If you make it to the very end of this ridiculously long post, you can enter into a giveaway for a copy of “A Bag for All Reasons”,  AND you will find a discount coupon for Lisa Lam products. So, grab a cup of coffee and plow through!  [Read more...]