Tips for Working with Ultra Cuddle Fleece – Car Seat Wrap, Boppy Cover

Tips for working with Ultra Cuddle -

I am finally making headway on some baby projects, and just as I had hoped they are helping my heart prepare for my little boy. To be honest, I was a bit of emotional wreck last week. Andy was away for school, and although I had plenty of help caring for the kids, I felt so raw and vulnerable in my greatly pregnant state. As soon as he arrived back home and I was able to pull out some baby things, I felt my spirit relax and flutters excitement creep in. You guys, I’M HAVING A BABY! SOON!!

Project #1: A Car Seat Wrap

Ultra Cuddle/Flannel Car Seat Wrap -
I made a car seat blanket out of flannel and “ultra cuddle” fleece following the directions found at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. It’s a very simple straight-forward project that I, of course, turned complicated by using a trickier fabric. (The tutorial uses two layers of flannel.) On the plus side, I learned a lot and now I have some tips to share!  [Read more...]

Stretch Yourself: Working With Stretch Lace

stretch yourself header

Welcome to Sew Fearless! This post is part of the “Stretch Yourself” Series hosted by Mad Mim and One Little Minute. The topic today is STRETCH LACE and I get to have the pleasure of joining in on the fun. Be sure to check out my fellow Guest Contributor of the Day, Novita of Very Purple Person too!
Lace Drape Cardigan by [includes tips on how to sew stretch lace] I went to the store with thinking about a funky printed draped cardigan thingy, but once this ethereal drapey-ness caught my eye all other plans went flying out the window. Never mind that I have never sewn lace before. It. Needed. To. Happen.

Lace Drape Cardigan by [includes tips on how to sew stretch lace]

And happen it did, but not before there was a good amount of dragging of feet out of fear that it wouldn’t turn out quite right and not being sure of how to tackle the whole thing. All that’s over now. boo-freakin’-ya!

Lace Drape Cardigan by [includes tips on how to sew stretch lace]

Pattern: Simplicity 2603, View D (sleeves extended)
Size: Medium, let out to Large for hips at side seams
Material: Sew Classic Knits Ivory Stretch Lace from Joann’s
(p.s. my bump is a bout 4 weeks bigger than this now, much much bigger)

What’s all this have to do with sewing with knits and the rest of the “Stretch Yourself” series? Well… stretch lace and knits share many of the same properties, and, like knits, it turns out the stretch lace isn’t as scary as one would think. I’ve even done the experimentation and research so you don’t have to. Let’s do this thing!

Tips and Tricks for working with Stretch Lace - [Read more...]

Fabric Sunshine for a Dreary Winter (plus a Curtain Tutorial Roundup)

I never would consider myself someone who is “good at decorating”. I was barely an adult when we bought our home and I became a stay-at-home-mom. Six years later, I finally feel like I understand our home and family well enough to inject finishing touches into our spaces. With the gloomy grey winter looming ahead, it was time to stop collecting ideas and start making them happen. And the place to make it happen in? The place I spend 85% of my time in – my living room.  [Read more...]

5 Sewing Tools to Shop for at Back to School Sales

I can’t believe that “It’s that time of year.” Blech.  Duncan starts kindergarten next week and many other schools have started already.  Isn’t it supposed to still be spring?  Where did the summer go?

On the bright side, school means Back to School sales and I like to snatch up some handy-dandy sewing supplies while they are at rock bottom prices. Here are my Top 5 Sewing Tools to Shop for at Back to School Sales. (As a bonus, I’ve included a video on how I use one of them at the end of the post!)  [Read more...]