How To Install A Magnetic Snap

how to install a pronged magnetic snap - a tutorial

The Better-Than-Basic Bag pattern assumes knowledge of how to install a pronged magnetic snap. If you have never installed a snap before, don't let that deter you! They are quick and easy, and today I will show you how! Even if you have installed one, read through and see how I make my snaps extra sturdy. There is very little more annoying then … [Read more...]

How To Finish A Shaped Quilt Edge Without Binding

Hexagon quilt, finished edge, without binding tutorial

I made this English paper pieced hexagon quilt for my fifth-born child's first birthday. If I had more time, I would finished off the quilt edge by making a hexagon facing (see Bad Skirt for her drool worthy tutorial). However, his birthday was looming close and I needed a quicker method for finishing it off, but still keeping the wonderful jagged … [Read more...]

Reversible Leather & Cotton Belting Bag Handles [Tutorial]

Making a reversible leather and cotton belting bag handle -

mmmmhmmmm.... I had a babysitter over last Saturday to watch the kids while Andy put in his usual 12 hours of grad school homework. Best. Idea. Ever. My Saturday went from stinky to sublime. I walked out of my sewing room after an hour to nurse Vincent with a big goofy grin on my face and I asked the sitter if she had a hobby that makes her breathless … [Read more...]

Basket Liners [Tutorial]

baskets in the closet -

I wasn't planning on making a tutorial for these basket liners. I'm tired, they aren't particularly fancy or interesting, and I am distracted by baby-ness. BUT....My little sister requested one, and since she was sweet enough to thrift for baskets for me, I couldn't say no to her. So here is the basic gist of it for you.... You will need: a … [Read more...]

Celebrating the New Year! Quilted Planner Cover [tutorial!]


I've been wracking my brain all week trying to figure out what sort of sewing-blogging-related goals I wanted to set for 2013, and I've been coming up empty. Monthly challenges worked out so well in 2010 and 2011, but I don't think it would be feasible with a baby due to arrive in approximately 8 weeks. Then, I thought choosing a "Word of the Year" … [Read more...]

Tutorial – How to Install Metal Rivets

Parts of this post were original published as part of my "Quarter Keeper Tutorial" guest-post at The Southern Institute.  I like shiny things and few things makes me happier then working in some metal hardware into a project. Luckily, with the right tools and know-how, they aren't really that difficult to use. Really. Take rivets for … [Read more...]