Tutorial – How to Install Metal Rivets

Parts of this post were original published as part of my “Quarter Keeper Tutorial” guest-post at The Southern Institute

I like shiny things and few things makes me happier then working in some metal hardware into a project. Luckily, with the right tools and know-how, they aren’t really that difficult to use. Really. Take rivets for example…

Not only do rivets add serious bling to your project, they are handy for attaching things when it is difficult to sew – like when there are more layers than your sewing machine can handle, or the location is prohibitive to sewing. I used them for my Pleated Clutch Wallet because it was making my machine cry like a baby.  [Read more...]

Guest Post: The “You Can Take It With You” Embroidery Project Bag!

Dude! I’m over at Sew, Mama, Sew! today!!!!!  (I may be just a little excited.) I am sharing how to make a handy project bag for embroidery supplies.

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Make Your Own Petticoat – Tutorial

The Mission: Simple slip, Big effect

To give life to vision in my brain, the girls’ Easter dresses needed some serious poof-age.

For little Gladys’, I built netting right into the dress, but I wanted Gianna’s to be more versatile. (Think easier laundering, ability to wear petticoat under multiple dresses, etc…)  [Read more...]

Embroidered Business Card Sleeve (Mini Tutorial)

Hey, look! I have business cards! Aren’t they fun?

I’ve carried them around for months now, but I have only handed them out to three people. I feel silly to talking about my craft-blogging habit to strangers (or friends even). Even so, these Moo MiniCards make me smile to see them floating around my purse. Now, I will be grinning even more to see that Wonderwoman’s scantily clad fanny is all wrapped up in cozy warm felt – embroidered felt at that.

I took pictures as I went along. So, you will even get a quick little tutorial out of the deal.

Here you go…

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Fabric Sunshine for a Dreary Winter (plus a Curtain Tutorial Roundup)

I never would consider myself someone who is “good at decorating”. I was barely an adult when we bought our home and I became a stay-at-home-mom. Six years later, I finally feel like I understand our home and family well enough to inject finishing touches into our spaces. With the gloomy grey winter looming ahead, it was time to stop collecting ideas and start making them happen. And the place to make it happen in? The place I spend 85% of my time in – my living room.  [Read more...]