Make Your Own Petticoat – Tutorial


The Mission: Simple slip, Big effect To give life to vision in my brain, the girls' Easter dresses needed some serious poof-age. For little Gladys', I built netting right into the dress, but I wanted Gianna's to be more versatile. (Think easier laundering, ability to wear petticoat under multiple dresses, etc...)  … [Read more...]

Embroidered Business Card Sleeve (Mini Tutorial)


Hey, look! I have business cards! Aren't they fun? I've carried them around for months now, but I have only handed them out to three people. I feel silly to talking about my craft-blogging habit to strangers (or friends even). Even so, these Moo MiniCards make me smile to see them floating around my purse. Now, I will be grinning even more to see that … [Read more...]

Fabric Sunshine for a Dreary Winter (plus a Curtain Tutorial Roundup)


I never would consider myself someone who is "good at decorating". I was barely an adult when we bought our home and I became a stay-at-home-mom. Six years later, I finally feel like I understand our home and family well enough to inject finishing touches into our spaces. With the gloomy grey winter looming ahead, it was time to stop collecting ideas … [Read more...]

Taking the Leap… into Handmade Piping

continuous loop

This is a continuation of a series called "Taking the Leap", which I started last year and then promptly forgot about. The goal of this series was to highlight questions on how to get started with various types sewing projects.  I am in no way an expert, but I will answer them to the best of my knowledge and try to point out the many, MANY resources … [Read more...]

Adding Nursing Openings to Empire Waist – Tutorial


I present to you an... Nursing so stealthy, you might as well be called "Ninja." OK. Maybe not that stealthy, but it is pretty sneaky and to doesn't require baring the entirety of your upper chest or your belly to nurse. I bought I top like this from Motherhood way back, and it is still my favorite Sadly, they don't seem to make this style anymore. … [Read more...]

Mini Smock Apron – Tutorial Modifications

side view

(Pssst... Have you voted yet today?) I made Gianna her first apron when she was just a little over a year old, and she has complained of it not fitting for a while now. I finally got around to making her a new one based off the "Best Worn Barefoot" smock apron. I have decided to take a baby-related hiatus from posting a new pattern/tutorial this … [Read more...]

“Flat Stack” Tissue Holder – The Tutorial

Sample Page

"MOMMY!!! I HAVE A BOOGER!" That has been the most common phrase spoken by my children since my eldest son entered preschool last fall.  It has been a looooong loooong cold and flu season in the Bonjour household. Noses don't stop dripping when we leave the house (if we leave the house) and I have taken to carrying large wads of tissues in my diaper … [Read more...]